Hey guys! It's me, Jessy 312! I wanted to first talk about the list of admins and I wanted to know how you can sign yourself up to be one? I'm on the wikia everyday and I never heard that you could be promoted to an admin. I've made very effective edits and chnages to this wikia when necessary, I never got into any fights with any of the users on this wikia, and I'm online everyday! So I just wanted to know how and if I could be promoted, what I could do to get the promotion. Also, I wanted to talke about the new episdoe this Saturday of Henry Danger. It's called Three Girls, One Henry. Alot of people think that the third girl could be Charlotte, and I completly agree .I am just a little concern about how the plot would work out. It seems to me that Veronika, Bianca, and potentially Charlotte are being chosen by Henry, but wouldn't they all have to know about eachother? And that wouold give away Henry's secret? But this episode is supposed to bring intensity and drama, and that's what i'm here for. It would be really cool if there was a poll on Nickelodeon after the episode airs to let the viewers decide who Henry should choose. Wouldn't that be cool? Letting the fans get a shot of deciding Henry's future? Well, I am all about the spoilers of this week, so I;ll keep yopu guys posted on anything new on Henry Danger's and Dan Schneider's social media pages. I just really hope that Dan promotes #chenry this week. And this could go either way. Think about it, what if the thrid girl is someone different. But in the end, all of the three girls don't want to be Henry's girlfriend. So, Charlotte is there for Henry to make him feel better. And remember guys, the second part takes place at the school dance. The three girls might not want to date Henry and Charlotte is there for him to comfort him at the dance. They may even have a slow dance together in the end or something. I am just on the edge of my seat for #chenry this week and next week. Anyways, that's all for me guys! I hope you enjoyed my blog and sorry it's alittle long. I am just obsessed about Henry Danger! Thanks for reading. I'll be making sure to post my blog everyday, even on the day of Henry Danger episodes. Just so I can catch people up on what's going on if you are unable to watch it. That's all for now peeps! This is Jessy 312, SIGNING OFF.

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