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  • Jessy312

    SEASON 2?!

    January 24, 2016 by Jessy312

    I just wanted to know if the Admins or anyone in the wikia found out the exact date for Season 2 of Henry Danger to resume this March? Also, does anyone know how the order will go? Like, Is it Indestructible Henry first, than Part 2? Or is the order not confirmed yet? Thanks.

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  • Jessy312

    Hey guys! It's me, Jessy 312! I wanted to first talk about the list of admins and I wanted to know how you can sign yourself up to be one? I'm on the wikia everyday and I never heard that you could be promoted to an admin. I've made very effective edits and chnages to this wikia when necessary, I never got into any fights with any of the users on this wikia, and I'm online everyday! So I just wanted to know how and if I could be promoted, what I could do to get the promotion. Also, I wanted to talke about the new episdoe this Saturday of Henry Danger. It's called Three Girls, One Henry. Alot of people think that the third girl could be Charlotte, and I completly agree .I am just a little concern about how the plot would work out. It seems to…

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