• Iamaman1977

    Andrew & Heidi Updates

    January 1, 2016 by Iamaman1977

    Hey guys! For this blog, I am going to give you some updates on my fan made series "Andrew & Heidi". As I mentioned before, my series A&H is in the formation of a Dan Schneider styled show. Most of the updates you'll see is pretty much updates on new episode screenplays and pretty much some new information and new ideas that I'm planning on doing. So I hope you fans on the Henry Danger Wikia are looking forward to more Andrew & Heidi episodes! It's going to be exciting.  :)


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  • Iamaman1977

    Hey Guys! I am new to the Henry Danger Wikia and I do feel welcomed here. I want to tell you guys about my made up Nickelodeon television series that I have created called "Andrew & Heidi". This comedy series is about a high school Boyfriend and Girlfriend who are in love with each other and they go on interesting adventures and get into sticky situations. The characters is about a boy named Andrew Dalton, who is smart but kind of arrogant, and a girl named Heidi Makinney, a sweet girly-girl who's dimwitted. This series I created is known to be a real life comedy show for kids.

    Okay, so we all know that Henry Danger and Game Shakers is in the format of Dan Schneider. My series Andrew & Heidi is definitely made in the same format of Dan Schn…

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