Hiya all! If you read this, my name is.....well, I'm not saying my real name, no thank you! But on here I'm dreamers.wish, so if ya need me, that's how to find me! 

So onto the actual blog...I'm so pumped for the rest of season 2! So far, my favorite episodes have been:

(Click the links to find out more!) 

Personally, I though The Beat Goes On was okay, but not great. It was just pushing the weirdness factor. I mean, Henry Danger is weird (in a good way!), but this was just not hitting the mark for me. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it, but it made a feel a little uncomfterable....

Anyway, I LOVED the two-parter. Best episodes yet. The plot twist at the end of part one where (spoiler!) Chloe comes back, what Veronika's fate was, and, my favorite, how Benry ended up. It was romantic, action-packed, and fun. Great writing, great performaces, great episodes. Awesome. Also very much enjoyed Henry and the Woodpeckers. Had a great message and feeling. 

Anyway, if you read all that, I applaud you. Sorry if I'm bad at blogging, Never done it before. 

See ya'll next time! Xo. 


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