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    June 23, 2016 by Dreamers.wish

    Hullo all!

    If anyone noticed (obviously I am no longer an admin, which I am perfectly fine with!) I was gone for a long while. Hopefully I will be able to start editing again!

    The reason I was gone so long was because I was in California, shooting some stuff. I was on-set almost everyday, and had very few breaks and bad internet. I have a link to some stuff I shot, but it's copyrighted, so I cannot share it. :(

    While I was in Cali, I was living very close to the Burbank Studios. One day while driving past it, I noticed the soundstages in the back where the same soundstage (stage 9/stage 11) that a lot of the cast posts pictures outside of. This studio is also close to the Nickelodeon bulidings (which I got pictures of!). 

    I was under the assum…

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  • Dreamers.wish

    Hiya all! If you read this, my name is.....well, I'm not saying my real name, no thank you! But on here I'm dreamers.wish, so if ya need me, that's how to find me! 

    So onto the actual blog...I'm so pumped for the rest of season 2! So far, my favorite episodes have been:

    (Click the links to find out more!) 

    • One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1
    • One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2  (I liked that one better because #Benry! Ya, I ship it, don't hate me you Chenry shippers!)
    • Henry and the Woodpeckers

    Personally, I though The Beat Goes On was okay, but not great. It was just pushing the weirdness factor. I mean, Henry Danger is weird (in a good way!), but this was just not hitting the mark for me. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it, but it made a feel a litt…

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