Hey. I'm back. I left this place because of everything that happened here. I got wrongfully blocked because of a false accusation of sockpuppeting, and people wouldn't listen to me when I was trying to tell them I was innocent.

Back in March, I complained about Charlotte's mistreatment in the show. While there were some people that were on the same page with that, others were attacking and criticizing me. One anonymous user told me to either "stop watching the show, or calm the (f-word) down," and another told me my arguments were "stupid, unlogical", and "not that serious". They did not care about her, and, like many other people, downplayed her mistreatment by saying I should complain about Jasper and Sidney getting treated poorly, even though it was never about them, and by claiming it was "meant for comedic relief". People also pretended like they couldn't see anything bad happening to her, and that it didn't matter (saying "She's not mistreated, it's a TV show"). But nobody did those things when they were talking about bad stuff happening to other characters. OK, I know some of you are either facepalming or going, 'Oh jeez, here we go again...', but honestly I don't care. Anyway, a few people kept blaming Charlotte whenever Henry, Ray, or others mistreat her, as if they're defending them. Like, instead of blaming Henry for yelling at her, they blame her for doing the same thing to him. She never did anything wrong, and it isn't fair. It really seems like people don't care about what happens to her. I know--not everyone's that way. But a lot are.

Now that I've lifted the negatives off of my chest, I'm going to mention the positive stuff. I had fun watching the show and being here on this Wiki. Seeing crazy stuff happen, being an admin, making new friends,'s fun. And, it's exciting to see new episodes air.

I hope you all understand.�

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