Season 2 Premieres very soon, but Nick has released a New schedule starting in the fall. Here is the new schudle

Starting 9-12

  • 8:00 Henry Danger
  • 8:30 Game Shakers
  • 9:00 100 Things to do Before High school (starting 9/19)

Starting on Wednesdays September 23 or 30, 2015 will be new episodes of Bella and the Bullddogs and The Thundermans.

  • 7:30 The Thundermans
  • 8:00 Bella and the Bullddogs
  • 8:30 Nothing right now

We have many conflicting sources saying Different things. The Futon still has it has all shows will air the time they are scheduled as I updated be, but it seems like Nick changed their minds. It is uncertain what will be going on with this or more changes will happen. As of right now Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn is taken out of the schedule, but nothing is coming up for the show. Please spread the word to the other wiki's if needed.

More information here

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