If you can't figure out the title I will explain. About 2-3 weeks ago I emailed Dan at his Gmail account and contacted the site team about getting our wiki on Dan's website. Didn't think I would get a reply I just waited it out. But this morning I received an email from a specious account, so I opened it and it from Karen who work with the web department at Schneider's Bakery thanking us for all of our hard work on this wiki. The other part of the email had to deal with Game Shakers, so I replied and asked her what she needed. I went to the GS wiki and reported it to them and help them fix the little issue they had.

So the day ended and I decided to go to Dan's website and scrolled down to the wiki section and our wiki was added along with Game Shakers.

Wiki on Dan's site

About Karen's comment on our wiki. Great job guys and keep up the Great work. Everyone has been doing a great job.

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