Ella Anderson Just booked a role in an upcoming movie titled Mother’s Day’.[1] The film is expected to go into production very soon and according to this article is next week.[2] We are not sure what this mean for Production for season 2. After tomorrow 7 episodes will have been recorded. We will keep everyone updated on what is going on with the show. They could also be going on without her as she is not in this pic from Dan. [3]

Update: As of 8-24-15 production is going on as planned, but with out Ella. They are currently tapping 208 this week. If Ella does appear in the episodes she missed, they will probably record her scenes at a later time. But it is likely she will be missing at least 2-3 episodes all together depending on the production of her new movie.

Finial update: Pics have come in from Ella and she is back on set this week. So it looks like she is finished filming her part of the movie. She will not be in at least 2 episodes or will be recording her scenes next week while the rest of the cast is off.

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