We have been waiting for ever, but Season 2 finally has an air date. At Comic Con today Jace Norman and Cooper Barnes announced that on September 12, 2015 season 2 will start.

During their interview, Jace and Cooper, who play Henry Hart/Kid Danger and Ray Manchester/Captain Man, respectively, in the popular Nick sitcom, teased that "Henry Danger" season two will be bigger and better than ever, and fans can look forward to adventure, adventure and romance, new fun characters, the return of a few villains from season one, and more action! Cooper also teased that Veronika/Veronica (Madison Iseman) will also make an appearance in season two!

Also it has been announced that Game Shakers will also start in September, but no air date has been set for that show. It could be around then is when is this show will start as well.

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