Season 1 has just wrapped a few weeks ago, but it will be awhile until season 2 comes. Season 2 hasn't begun production yet. When they held the contest for Capitan Jerk, I read the requirements and it look like production won't begin until end of June early July. By some tweets from actors it looks like they will be starting up soon for the 20 episodes that have been ordered. So it looks like it will not air until the fall.

While we wait, we have Dan's new show to look forward to. Dan New show Formally called Game Makers has been renamed Game Shakers. The show has been in production since Henry Danger wrapped up season one. We will have back to back productions again for Henry Danger and Game Shakers like what happened for the Finial season of iCarly and Victorious. This show is scheduled to air in late summer/early fall.

Game Shakers Created by kids show hitmaker Dan Schneider, Nickelodeon's live-action sitcom follows two 12-year-old girls who start a multimillion-dollar gaming company and have no choice but to take on a rap superstar as a business partner. Nick also is planning to release the games seen in the show through a live app. This series will have 26 episodes. The wiki is currently in the process of being renamed.

For other current New shows from Nickelodeon and other networks is right here.

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