As you know we are adding episodes as they are being produced. To avoid any confusion, I decided to post the production schedule here.

  • June 22 through June 26 201 The Beat Goes On
  • June 29 Through July 3 202 One Henry, Three Girls: Part 1 A very Special Bathroom
  • July 6th through July 12 203 One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2 AKS The MeatBall
  • July 20th through July 24th 204 Henry and the Woodpeckers
  • July 27th through July 31 205 Captain Man: On Vacation and directed by Nathan kress
  • August 3rd through August 7th The Time Jerker (No Pics or Anything Found, Pics needed if possible)
  • August 17th through August 22 207 Secret Beef (No Pics or Anything Found, pic needed if possible)
  • August 21st through August 25th 208 Henry's Jelly (No Pics or Anything Found, pic needed if possible)
  • August 28th through September 4th Christmas Danger (Christmas Episode)
  • September 14th through September 18th Indestructible Henry: Part 1
  • September 21st through September 25th Indestructible Henry: Part 2
  • September 26th through September 30th Text, Lies & Video (No Pics or Anything Found, pic needed if possible)
  • October 12th through October 16th Opposite Universe (213) (No Pics or Anything Found, pic needed if possible)
  • October 19th through October 23rd Danger & Thunder: Part 1 (214)
  • October 26th through October 30th Danger & Thunder: Part 1 (215)
  • November 9th through November 13th 216
  • November 16th through November 20th 217
  • November 30th through December 4th Ox Pox (218) (No Pics or Anything Found, pic needed if possible)
  • December 7th through December 11th 219
  • December 14th through December 18th 220
  • If anyone finds pics from the production during the week recorded from istagram, twitter, facebook, snap chat or any other social media site, please make sure the are added to the correct episode.
    • I will update as the produce the upcoming episodes
    • If in question, just remember the tapping rule. Tape 3 then one week break
  • Shows Production time frame
    • Monday-Table read/runthrough
    • Tuesday and Wednesday- runthrough
    • Thursday and Friday-taping of the episode
  • If Anyone Want to know Game Shakers schedule.
    • Wednesday-Table read/runthrough
    • Thursday and Friday- runthrough
    • Monday and Tuesday-taping of the episode

GS does not interfere with Henry Danger, it just makes Dan's day a bit hectic.

Hope this helps! Any questions please ask.

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