Well guys the Nickelodeon upfronts have been announced for March 2, 2016 which means we could be Should hearing news about Henry Danger as well. The announcement could come earlier but if not it will come that day. This is where will should learn about the fate of other Nick shows like Game Shakers, The Thundermans (season 3 is probably the last), Nicky, Ricky, Dicky ands Dawn. Bella and the Bulldogs, 100 things to do before high school and other Nick shows. Also Several; new show including the long awaited school of rock.

These Live action shows are more then 80% safe and will most likely get another Season.

  • Henry Danger
  • Game Shakers
  • Sadly Make it pop (going on ratings, but not sure)

These Live action shows are more then 70% below from being safe and will most likely not get another Season.

  • The Thundermans
  • 100 Things to do before High School
  • Bella & the Bulldogs**
    • Bella is still on the boarder but looks like it will get renewed.

Cancelled live action shows

  • Talia in the Kitchen
  • Wits Academy

Already renewed

  • Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn**

Here is the link if anyone wants to read, but everything is here about Nick's new shows

Nick blog is pretty good at bring up-to-date information, but will keep you updated if anything changes.

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