Season 2 is almost a week away and hope everyone is getting excited. However, their are a few things I would like to say before season 2 begins

  1. I want to thank all of our incredible superhero team for getting the wiki in shape for season 2. Over the past few months, Me and several other Admins have been revamping this wiki. As most of the clean up is done, we are still working on some unfinished tasks.
  2. Over the next few days I will be adding the pages for the episodes that have already been produced. Keep in mind these pages won't have titles of the official episodes names, but be titled. 205-209 and so on. This will allow for use to add pictures of behind the scenes pics as we move forward.
  3. I have updated this blog here for stuff that still needs to be added. I will update this throughout the season as needed to be. I will also have a list of the cast and crew instagram accounts to make it easier for uploading behind the scenes pics.
  4. Tell anyone you know that like Henry Danger to join the wiki. We would like many fans to join us in talking about the show.

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