Okay guy, it's here after waiting what felt like several weeks. Futon and Zapit where we confirm the Schedules weren't totally update, but now zapit has fully updated for now. So now onto the monthly information. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn and Game Shakers will not be back this month. We expect them possible to be back Starting in July since Bella and the Bulldogs and School of Rock will be finishing its season this June. As for the Henry Danger finale we aren't sure on the date for that but June 25th only has two shows so it may air then. I will update that day once I have he information for that night.

Also 19 out of the 20 episodes were recorded for the season for Henry Danger, so we get one less episode. Same goes for Game Shakers 25 out of the 26 episodes were recorded. We don't know the reason behind this, but by looking back into the production information it was confirmed for both shows that we are one episode short. They may be added to the next season but not certain. Another possibility is that those last 2 were recorded but are something else like a blooper episode, but our leads point to those episodes were not filmed.

Also Bella and the Bulldogs hasn't been renewed and it mostly has been canceled along with 100 Things to Do before High school.

Okay enough of me blabbing, here is the Schedule.

Henry Danger

Bella and the Bulldogs

  • 6/11/16 (Sa.) 9:00 PM NICK (#218) Oh Baby, It's the Playoffs
  • 6/25/16 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (#219) Biggest. Game. Ever. (Season/Series Finale)

School of Rock

  • 6/11/16 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (#111) (Really Really) Old Time Rock and Roll
  • 6/18/16 (Sa.) 9:00 PM NICK (#113) We Are the Champions ... Maybe (Season Finale)

The Thundermans

  • 6/11/16 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#321) Original Prankster
  • 6/25/16 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#323) Chutes and Splatters

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