Alright the Schedule is finally here. So this Month Henry Danger is finish it's second season on a Sunday to a lead in for the Kid's Choice Sports. The did not record episode 20 as we expect it will move to season 3. Will confirm this once the episode airs, but is likely this is true.

Game Shakers will not return this month, but has a chance to return in August, but maybe not. Nick, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn has a good chance to finish its season in August as they will have two more episode to air after tis month and this will make Game Shakers return if Nick finishes off The Thundermans as well. If not another theory is that the last 4 episodes will be merged with season 2 as well as the last ordered episode of Season 1. Episode 26 of the show wasn't recorded with many references and clues leading that show didn't finish its production order as well. Hopefully that episode will be added to season 2. This as been really confirmed unlike Henry Danger when there is a chance we could get another one but very unlikely as Jace stated that Season 3 will pick up where season 2 left off. Witch makes sense. Nick's new show Legendary Dudas will air at 9Pm, so Game Shakers could return after Nick, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn finishes its season.

Bella and the Bulldogs has been officially canceled as Brec confirmed it this on her twitter. 100 things to Do before High School is a no go as well as this show has not began production in over a year now. This could be a case like The Haunted Hathaways.

Here's the Schedule

Henry Danger

  • 7/17/16 (Su.) 7:30 PM NICK (#219) I Know Your Secret

The Thundermans

  • 7/30/16 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#325) Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs
  • 7/23/16 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#322) Can't Spy Me Love
  • 7/16/16 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#326) Beat the Parents
  • 7/9/16 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#317) I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

Nick, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

  • 7/9/16 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (#224) Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Sicky
  • 7/16/16 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (#226) Mission: Un-Quaddable
  • 7/23/16 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (#221) A Brief Case of Popularity
  • 7/30/16 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (#223) New Kid on the Block

Legendary Dudas

  • 7/9/16 (Sa.) 9:00 PM NICK (#101) The Worst Best Day Ever
  • 7/16/16 (Sa.) 9:00 PM NICK (#102A/B) The Great Cricket Caper; Carpe Duda
  • 7/23/16 (Sa.) 9:00 PM NICK (#104A/B) Blazing Pedals; The Chest Hair
  • 7/30/16 (Sa.) 9:00 PM NICK (#103A/B) King Sam; Karate Kids

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