Henry Danger is in full swing for Season 3. Like last season I will do the production time line for the show. This season will wrap most likely Early to mid November but not 100% certain. Lets hope not to have any confusion this season, but we do have at least 3 holidays that may interfere with production.

Here is production schedule for Season 3.

  • April 25th through April 29th A Fiñata Full Of Death Bugs (301)
  • May 2nd through May 5th 302
  • May 10th Promo shoots for Danger & Thunder
  • May 16th through May 20th Scream Machine (303)
  • May 23rd Through May 27th The Trouble With Frittles (304)
  • May 30th Through June 3rd Mouth Candy (305)
  • June 13th through June 17th Gas Or Fail (306)
  • June 20th through July 1st Fast & Dangerous (307/308)
  • Off the whole month of July for Cooper's new daughter, Jace Filming Rufus 2 and Season 3 Photo Shoot.
  • August 1st through August 5th JAM Session (309)
  • August 8th through August 12th Green Fingers (310)
  • August 15th through August 19th Dodging Danger (311)
  • August 30th through September 2nd 312
  • September 5th through September 9th 313
  • September 12th through September 16th 314
  • September 26th through September 30th 315
  • October 10th through October 14th Swellview's Got Talent (316)
  • October 17th through October 21st 317
  • October 24th through October 28th Balloons of Doom (318)
  • November 7th through November 11th 319
  • November 17th through November 18th 320
  • If anyone finds pics from the production during the week the cast records from istagram, twitter, facebook, snap chat or any other social media site, please make sure they are added to the correct episode.
    • I will update as the produce the upcoming episodes
    • If in question please ask, Also remember the tapping rule. Tape 3 then one week break
  • Shows Production time frame
    • Monday-Table read/runthrough
    • Tuesday and Wednesday- runthrough
    • Thursday and Friday-taping of the episode
  • If Anyone Wants to know Game Shakers schedule.
    • Wednesday-Table read/runthrough
    • Thursday and Friday- runthrough
    • Monday and Tuesday-taping of the episode

GS does not interfere with Henry Danger, it just makes Dan's day a bit hectic.

Hope this helps! Any questions please ask.

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