Jace has been doing interviews for his new movie Rufus, So there have been some tiny clues about season 3.

In this interview Jace says they are hiatus right now

Jace Norman is Rufus, the human dog!02:30

Jace Norman is Rufus, the human dog!

In another interview Jace got a little more goofy when talking about season 2. First he said that they wrapped season 2 and then went on to say more episodes are airing in March and they have about 10 more. After that he got asked about season 3. All he said is I can't say, but when the interview said that means yes he kinda laughs and just says he can't say a few more times.

Jace Norman (Nickelodeon's Rufus) Interview AfterBuzz TV04:46

Jace Norman (Nickelodeon's Rufus) Interview AfterBuzz TV

We have a feeling it is looking more that there is going to be a Season 3 after these interviews and some of the clues from the cast after they wrapped last month. We hope the announcement is soon, but if not we will have to wait until the Network Upfronts whitch will be at the end of February or early March. What do you guys think???

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