Season 2 has just finished production on December 18th, 2015. We weren't 100% they would of finished but this have proven us wrong as it did look like they were behind from the crossover, Cooper's wedding, and the holiday specials that aired on Nick. We are still unsure the length of the crossover or what 216 involves, but will find out soon. Also a retweet from Season the season looks like it will end in April 2016.

There is now word on Season 3, but some tweets from the cast look like season 3 is possible. We think that the show will be picked up for a third season. We will keep everyone updated as well. Also in other unrelated to Henry Danger, Bella and the Bulldogs also wrapped yesterday and is still waiting to be picked up for season 3. Game Shakers wrapped production on December 22, 2015. Nick, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn has also finished production in November and is still waiting it here the fate of the show. 100 things has wrapped back in the summer and yet has to be determined. The Thundermans will finish production in mid February but have no idea if this show will move forward with another season or end after season 3.

We will keep you guys updated as information comes in. Just hope we don't have to wait for the up fronts to receive information about renewals on shows. What are your thoughts or ideas?

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