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    February 2018 Schdeule

    January 30, 2018 by Checker Fred

    Hey guys, the monthly blogs are back!!!! Before we get into each show I want to say I am shocked at Nick for this month as they are airing shows on two Nights!!!!. This could be a good/bad sign in terms of ratings, shows ending or however you want to look at it.

    Okay lets start off with Knight Squad, Nick Snap chat said it was going to premiere on 2/24, but futon or zapit hasn't added the show yet, but it does look like it could premiere right after the Thundermans at 8:30 that night. So we shall see in a few weeks what's going on with this show. According to the wiki there should be a sneak peak right after Jace Norman's new Blurt! Jace's movie airs on 2/19 if you would like to watch it.

    Before we get into each show lets take a look at ho…

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  • Checker Fred

    Hey guys, were still waiting for futon to update and finalize the episodes for next month. In the meantime I thought it would be fun to do another predictions on what show will be renewed at the 2018-2019 Nickelodeon upfront. This years upfront will be held in Late February/Early March 2018.

    This year I have decided to include new Nickelodeon shows coming this year and other announcements I think or hope to happen. I will even do animated shows. I didn't include any unscripted series/Game Shows or Nick Jr shows. There will be announcements about those shows as well.

    As you will see as reading that Nick is getting rid of a lot of live action for animation, this could mean the network is making changes. I will explain this more in-depth in my …

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  • Checker Fred

    This blog is going to be short, but the crossover we have been waiting for I FINALLY HERE!!!!!

    Back in April, me and BigTeddy predicted a day before Ellen announced it on her show and after 4 crazy weeks of production and about 6 months of editing its finally here. Okay it probably didn't months to edit, but you get what I mean.

    We also be having a Danger Game Background created for this very special event. It will only be on wiki though. We hope to have it up soon.

    This month we have basically every show back this month, with School of Rock airing for a week straight. We just hope Nick is not rushing the show, but we think Nick just wants to air the episodes before the get to the Christmas episode.

    Also don't forget about the Hey Arnold: The…

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  • Checker Fred

    October 2017 Schedule

    October 2, 2017 by Checker Fred

    Hey guys before we begin, I want to thank all of the admins and members of the wiki that are keeping things in order, I have been busy with my internship and finding time to edit and get production information is a bit tricky, anyway lets get to the updates.

    So with Season 4 of Henry Danger starting in mid October its looking like we may get 4 or 5 episodes in for this year. The crossover will air thanksgiving weekend and will likely be no episodes airing in December, but I do have a feeling will get a little break in after the new year, but I am going to save the new year for another blog. Henry Danger only has about 5-6 episodes left for the season, but we do hope it gets renewed for a season 5, but with a live action film coming in the …

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  • Checker Fred

    Alright before I begin, the full schedule isn't out yet, but will update once it is. I will explain later. Alright lets get started.

    Last year I posted a poll asking if you wanted the Game Shakers wiki homepage to have the same feel like other Dan shows. We had many people agree, so after many months the homepage is getting an overhaul. Now the background will stay the same and once we get pictures for Season 3, I will add them ad that will be the only thing changing on the background. The main page is what we are working on getting an overhaul, so if you want to see anything extra added to the page let me know or anything you don't like. Now if everything goes smoothly today and tomorrow in gathering the new info and my schedule isn't to b…

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