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    Hey guys Futon updated and we only have 2 shows this month, but the good news is, it's all Henry Danger related.

    The Thundermans will make a return starting in June by the looks of it and will end mid July. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn will likely return this summer as well finishing out it's run. I do have a feeling Knight Squad may take a little and Star Falls will have some episodes in their during the summer. After May Henry Danger will likely go on break and not return until the Fall. Game Shakers maybe the same and have a few episodes in the month of July and August.

    Knight Squad wrapped production on their first season this past Friday. A second season still has to be determined, but at this point it's hard to tell as many of Nick's sho…

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    Alright guys, depending on witch show you are in full swing this blog could get a little depressing, but first I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter weekend.

    Before we get into each show lets take a look at how many episodes each show has left for their season. I am not going to include Star Falls as that one just Starts on Saturday.

    1. The Thundermans-5 episodes
    2. Henry Danger-9 episodes after April
    3. Game Shakers- 10 episodes after April
    4. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn- 8 episodes
    5. Knight Squad 11 episodes after April
    6. School of Rock- Finished after April 8th

    Lets start with Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, the show is not returning this month, so I am thinking the show may return in May or sometime in the summer and end in June or July depending on how…

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    This is pretty late for use to do a schedule, but Futon has finally updated fully. This is going to be small as we may have a bunch of stuff coming in today, so it doesn't make sense to do a predictions section.

    Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn isn't returning this month and likely will return once School of Rock ends in April. Game Shakers is likely to wrap production this month.

    and now here is the schedule.

    Henry Danger

    • 3/24/18 (Sa.) 7:30 PM NICK (#407) Back To The Danger, Part 1
    • 3/31/18 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#408) Back To The Danger, Part 2

    Game Shakers

    • 3/4/18 (Su.) 7:00 PM NICK (#303) Snackpot!
    • 3/11/18 (Su.) 7:00 PM NICK (#304) Babe & The Boys

    School of Rock

    • 3/4/18 (Su.) 7:30 PM NICK (#313) Surprise, Surprise
    • 3/11/18 (Su.) 7:30 PM NICK (#316) We Gotta G…

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    February 2018 Schdeule

    January 30, 2018 by Checker Fred

    Hey guys, the monthly blogs are back!!!! Before we get into each show I want to say I am shocked at Nick for this month as they are airing shows on two Nights!!!!. This could be a good/bad sign in terms of ratings, shows ending or however you want to look at it.

    Okay lets start off with Knight Squad, Nick Snap chat said it was going to premiere on 2/24, but futon or zapit hasn't added the show yet, but it does look like it could premiere right after the Thundermans at 8:30 that night. So we shall see in a few weeks what's going on with this show. According to the wiki there should be a sneak peak right after Jace Norman's new Blurt! Jace's movie airs on 2/19 if you would like to watch it.

    Before we get into each show lets take a look at ho…

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  • Checker Fred

    Hey guys, were still waiting for futon to update and finalize the episodes for next month. In the meantime I thought it would be fun to do another predictions on what show will be renewed at the 2018-2019 Nickelodeon upfront. This years upfront will be held in Late February/Early March 2018.

    This year I have decided to include new Nickelodeon shows coming this year and other announcements I think or hope to happen. I will even do animated shows. I didn't include any unscripted series/Game Shows or Nick Jr shows. There will be announcements about those shows as well.

    As you will see as reading that Nick is getting rid of a lot of live action for animation, this could mean the network is making changes. I will explain this more in-depth in my …

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