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    After a wonky week from Futon, they have finally updated to where I can finally put out a schedule. However, before I bein I wasn't to say we don't go with Nick and More and The Daily Nick when it comes to new episodes. We will take The Daily Nick! if the dates seem realistic and we feel it fine to do so. Nick and More is a no go as its doesn't provide any sources and we have no idea where its getting its information. So mainly provide a reliable source like The Futon Critic or zap2it when adding episodes to the wiki otherwise it will be reverted.

    With that out of the way lets get into the shows for the month.

    First of Game Shakers is returning, but on TeenNick. Although its no where to be found on Futon, zapit has it airing. So will see wha…

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  • Checker Fred

    Alright guys, are back. For a few months I didn't have much to update everyone with so I decided not to do them, so now they are back as Henry Danger is back airing new episodes. This blog is late to some confusion with Futon in the past few weeks so we decided to wait with uploading episodes. So now everything is sorted out were ready to go.

    I have no idea what's going on with Game Shakers, with the press release it said episodes would air throughout 2018, so my guess the show will return next month and finish off it's run. will have to see what happens as Fans want new episodes.

    Star Falls has finished off it's run, but on Teen Nick, but futon hasn't updated anything stating that the show changed networks or that the episodes aired over th…

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    Henry Danger is in full swing for Season 5. Like last season I will do the production timeline for the show. This season will wrap most likely wrap sometime in Late March, 2018, but not 100% certain. Lets hope not to have any confusion this season, but we do have at least 3 holidays that may interfere with production. Here is production schedule for Season 5.

    • July 4th through July 11th Flabber Gassed (501)
    • July 12th through July 18th Danger Things (502)
    • September 6th through September 12th 503
    • September 13th through September 19th 504
    • September 20th through September 26th 505
    • October 4th through October 10th 506
    • October 11th through October 17th 507
    • If anyone finds pics from the production during the week the cast records from istagram, twitter, f…
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    Hey guys Futon updated and a good chunk of shows are returning this month. The only two shows that aren't returning is Henry Danger and Game Shakers.

    Before we get into each show lets take a look at how many episodes each show has left for their season. I am not going to include Star Falls as that one just Starts on Saturday.

    1. Game Shakers- 11 episodes after June
    2. Star Falls- 10 episodes after June
    3. Henry Danger- 6 episodes after June
    4. Knight Squad 6 episodes after June
    5. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn- 4 episodes after June

    As all of you guys know, The Thundermans aired it's final five episodes sooner then we all expected, but the show went out in decent ratings and managing to get back into the 1.30-1.40 million views for the final two episodes.

    Speaking …

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  • Checker Fred

    Hey guys Futon updated and we only have 2 shows this month, but the good news is, it's all Henry Danger related.

    The Thundermans will make a return starting in June by the looks of it and will end mid July. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn will likely return this summer as well finishing out it's run. I do have a feeling Knight Squad may take a little and Star Falls will have some episodes in their during the summer. After May Henry Danger will likely go on break and not return until the Fall. Game Shakers maybe the same and have a few episodes in the month of July and August.

    Knight Squad wrapped production on their first season this past Friday. A second season still has to be determined, but at this point it's hard to tell as many of Nick's sho…

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