As the title of this blog indicates, I'm asking what kind of crossovers would you want to see Henry Danger do, and what do you want to happen in those crossovers. Me personally, kind of want to see a crossover with The Thundermans because they are both superhero shows, but I also had this idea for a four way crossover between Henry Danger, The Thundermans, Haunted Hathaways and Every Witch Way.

In it, Henry, Captain Man, and the Thundermans team up to battle a supervillian that is a genuine threat to the superhero community. It turns out this villain has no superpowers but is crafty enough to mooch off of other supervillains, and even supernatural people such as ghosts and witches (this is where Haunted Hathaways and Every Witch Way get involved). There is some drama that ensues, the supervillain reveals Henry's secret to his family, and takes over the witches council from Every Witch Way, despite not being magic himself, and that same supervillain is pitching the supernatural community against the superhero community in hopes to instigate a war. Meanwhile, Taylor Hathaway's boyfriend Scott with a school dance coming up, so she asks Max to take her place (for all you Max x Taylor shippers out there), and the supervillain successfully depowers Captain Man, Hank and Barb Thunderman, which leaves Henry, Phobe, Nora, Billy and a reluctant Max to take over superhero responsablities for them. Jax Nova's father orders Jax to team up with the supervillain so their family can take over world by proxy, but the supervillain catches wind of the plan and brainwashes Jax into being a wizard version of the Winter Soldier, and attempts to instigate a witch hunt so he can do the same to Emma Alonso and Maddie Van Pelt.

Truth be told I'm not done thinking out my idea, but I'd like to see what ideas for crossovers you got.

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