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  • Casecr

    I made a countdown I'm planning to add to the Villains Wiki, but since the upcoming Henry Danger and Thundermans crossover will have a villain convention in its plot, I thought I'd share it here too.

    One thing that I've been interested in is countdowns and one thing I am enthused with besides ships, is villains, so I thought why not start a countdown of villains. I asked myself where to start ? Video Game villains ? Horror villains ? Then I thought why not villains for kids and teens; various shows and characters come to mind because I watched a lot of shows over the years, especially by Nick and the Disney Channel, so to cull the list down I'll be laying some ground rules.

    The villains on this list are from live action Disney Channel and Nick s…

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  • Casecr

    As the title of this blog indicates, I'm asking what kind of crossovers would you want to see Henry Danger do, and what do you want to happen in those crossovers. Me personally, kind of want to see a crossover with The Thundermans because they are both superhero shows, but I also had this idea for a four way crossover between Henry Danger, The Thundermans, Haunted Hathaways and Every Witch Way.

    In it, Henry, Captain Man, and the Thundermans team up to battle a supervillian that is a genuine threat to the superhero community. It turns out this villain has no superpowers but is crafty enough to mooch off of other supervillains, and even supernatural people such as ghosts and witches (this is where Haunted Hathaways and Every Witch Way get involved). Ther…

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