Here is the March 2016 Nick TV schedule.

Henry Danger is Back and looks like Game Shakers will now be put on hold. We don't have the lead in for the Kid's Choice Awards but after will be the start of a new show School of Rock. Game Shakers should be back after that ends of Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn ends it's season. But it's great to be back in action Now here is the March Schedule

Henry Danger

  • 3/19/16 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#210) Indestructible Henry Part 1
  • 3/26/16 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#211) Indestructible Henry Part 2

Game Shakers

  • 3/5/16 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#117) The Diss Track

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

  • 3/5/16 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (#219) The Quad-Plex

Bella and the Bulldogs

  • 3/19/16 (Sa.) 9:00 PM NICK (212) Parents & Pigskins
  • 3/26/16 (Sa.) 9:00 PM NICK (210) Glitz & Grit

School of Rock

  • 3/12/16 (Sa.) 9:30 PM NICK (112) Come Together
  • 3/19/16 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (102) You Can't Always Get What You Want
  • 3/26/16 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (104) Video Killed the Speed Debate Star

Times may change but unlikely!

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