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City of Swellview

Swellview as viewed from the sky.


Swellview Sign

Swellview is a fictional American city in which the show Henry Danger takes place. Swellview was founded in 1896 and its heroes are Captain Man and Kid Danger. It is known that the heroes only save the people who live in Swellview.


Swellview was established in the year 1896, the same year its park was established. The Battle of Swellview was known to have taken place here. The city's first public bathroom opened in its park in 1898. They also have a designated railroad named Swellview Valley Railroad and a large lake, with a secret underground facility located beneath the depths of the lake, unknown to the city's residents except for its notorious criminals.


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Swellview Book of Laws and Ordinances

It is revealed in Christmas Danger that there are some dumb rules in Swellview:

  • It's illegal to wear 2 hats at once
  • It's illegal to eat ice cream on a cone
  • It's illegal to take a picture of a rabbit without a permit.
  • It's illegal to serve food without wearing a hairnet.

Other controversial laws, physics, and rules

Although unrelated to the above, many of Captain Man's rogues gallery who have been arrested are often put back on the streets to commit further crimes in Swellview, for several reasons unknown. Corruption could possibly be a result.

Swellview has a confusing government unlike fellow U.S. states and counties, and some of the things they do are very out of the ordinary:

  • Swellview's pavement apparently is not so fatal depending on how high you fall, as revealed in Birthday Girl Down when Debbie Putch fell 5 stories and survived but was badly injured.
  • Swellview's doctors are not very bright or smart, as seen in Let's Make a Steal, when it took two doctors to fix Jasper's broken nose.
  • Spoiling any detail (such as a movie plot) in the boundaries of Swellview can lead to a jail sentence or juvie, as revealed in Spoiler Alert.
  • Some licensed drivers, such as Schwoz Schwartz, are very careless of who they give the wheel to (Charlotte) regardless of their age, as seen in Captain Jerk.
  • In Grave Danger, people under 16 get driver's licenses from the Swellview DMV.
  • Some citizens are not very responsible for their children, such as in Danger & Thunder, when the Toddler rose from the sandbox in Swellview Park and could have potentially harmed the mothers' children (the mothers were texting on their cellphones while this was happening).
  • Regardless of whether a citizen is 18 or under, they can still go to an adult jail in a police station. An example is Jasper Dunlop (who was 14 in Season 2) who at first is sent to juvie for seemingly entering the ladies bathroom, but then in Christmas Danger, is sent to a police jail for breaking the aforementioned rules in this episode. He was almost sentenced to 20 years for getting 3 strikes of breaking the law in Swellview Prison in Mouth Candy until Mitch Bilsky confessed in a recording that he framed Jasper for stealing candy.
  • Swellview Prison does not have a great security system, as a 5-year old apparently was able to get into the control room and free Drex from his imprisonment, as seen in Hour of Power.
  • This law can be seen as controversial, as it involves the accused (Noelle and Drill Finger) stealing teeth from children and giving it to the elderly for profit (a reference to Robin Hood), as seen in Double Date Danger.
  • Swellview's own KLVY news is seen showing a lack of willingness to deliver daily news to its residents, as seen in Space Invaders, Part 1. Even worse, it also fails to update current news properly, when Trent Overunder claims they have no further updates on the space station stowaway incident in space.


  • Because most shows of Dan Schneider takes place on the West Coast of the USA (San Diego for Drake & Josh, Seattle for iCarly and Los Angeles for Victorious and Sam & Cat), we can speculate Swellview to be on the West Coast too.
    • In an episode of Henry Danger: Motion Comics, it is shown that Las Vegas is close to Swellview, since Captain Man was able to drive there very quickly. This may hint Swellview is located in the state of Nevada or California.
    • In Sam and Cat they have soda from Club Soda which hints that Swellview is very close to the location of the Sam and Cat babysitting business in Venice, California.
  • It is mostly like the DanWarp universe's version of Hollywood, because Swellview has its own sign, like the Hollywood Sign.
    • However, it's mentioned in Secret Beef that Hollywood exists in the Henry Danger universe.
    • If it's true, Henry Danger doesn't take place in the same universe as iCarly, Victorious, and Sam & Cat, because both Victorious and Sam & Cat take place in Hollywood, and iCarly takes place in the same universe as Sam & Cat (Sam & Cat is a crossover series between iCarly and Victorious).
  • Though structured like a typical American city, Swellview's laws are unique in that they differ from other county and state laws, as revealed in Christmas Danger.
  • The Aerial view of Swellview is Lockport, Illinois.[1].



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