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I should call my sister... a horse!
— Schwoz, when making fun of his sister
Schwoz Schwartz
Schwoz S3
Full Name

Schwoz Schwartz



Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color



Winnie Schwartz (sister)
Larry (relative)


Ray's Ex-Girlfriend
Sharona Shapen


Ray Manchester (Captain Man) (Close Friend/Boss)
Henry Hart (Kid Danger) (Close Friend/Co-Worker)
Charlotte Bolton (Co-Worker)
Mr. Gooch (Co-Worker)
Jasper Dunlop (Co-Worker)

First Appearance

Too Much Game

Portrayed By

Michael D. Cohen

Schwoz Schwartz is a recurring character on Henry Danger. He is brilliant at building tech, but he lacks some actual common sense.

Description & Personality

Schwoz is a weird, interesting human being who talks in a Yiddish/German accent. His hair sticks out and is messy, and often wears clothes similar to a mechanic, with a collar shirt underneath.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • He stole Ray's girlfriend.
  • He has a very hairy sister. He insults her often, as he said "I should call my sister... a horse!"
  • He is the one that built the Man Cave and he is the only one who can fix everything in there.
  • It is revealed that his last name is Schwartz in My Phony Valentine.
  • His counterpart in Opposite Universe is, in Henry's words, also a freak.
  • He will be transgender in the future, according to future Ray, who is 85-years old.
  • He is the first recurring character to appear in a motion comic.
  • Schwoz has his own version of guacamole and calls it "Schwozamole".
  • Schwoz is a careless driver.
  • Schwoz feels mocked when people copy his accent, as shown in Scream Machine and episodes after that.
  • It is revealed in the episode Space Invaders, Part 1, that he has a rocket ship called "The Love Shuttle", which he made for his honeymoon in the event that he would ever get married in which they would use it to go to the actual moon.


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