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I should call my sister... a horse!
— Schwoz, when making fun of his sister
Schwoz Schwartz
Schwoz S3
Full Name

Schwoz Schwartz



Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color



Winnie Schwartz (sister)
Larry (relative)


Ray's Ex-Girlfriend
Sharona Shapen


Ray Manchester (Captain Man) (Close Friend/Boss)
Henry Hart (Kid Danger) (Close Friend/Co-Worker)
Charlotte Bolton (Co-Worker)
Mr. Gooch (Co-Worker)
Jasper Dunlop (Co-Worker)

First Appearance

Too Much Game

Portrayed By

Michael D. Cohen

Schwoz Schwartz is a recurring character on Henry Danger. He is brilliant at building tech, but he lacks some actual common sense.

Description & Personality

Schwoz is a weird, interesting human being who talks in a Yiddish/German accent. His hair sticks out and is messy, and often wears clothes similar to a mechanic, with a collar shirt underneath.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • He stole Ray's girlfriend.
  • He has a very hairy sister. He insults her often, as he said "I should call my sister... a horse!"
  • He is the one that built the Man Cave and he is the only one who can fix everything in there.
  • It is revealed that his last name is Schwartz in My Phony Valentine.
  • His counterpart in Opposite Universe is, in Henry's words, also a freak.
  • He will be transgender in the future, according to future Ray, who is 85-years old.
  • He is the first recurring character to appear in a motion comic.
  • Schwoz has his own version of guacamole and calls it "Schwozamole".
  • Schwoz is a careless driver in Swellview.
  • Schwoz feels mocked when people copy his accent, as shown in Scream Machine.


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