Henry and Piper


Henry Hart
Piper Hart


Brother and sister

Henry Hart and Piper Hart are both main characters in Henry Danger. They are siblings and have a love-hate relationship. This pairing is for friendship purposes only.

There is a difference between Piper's relationship with Henry and her relationship with Kid Danger. Piper has been seen to have a big crush on Kid Danger because she currently doesn't know that the two are the same person.

Possible names

  • Penry (P/iper and H/enry)
  • Hiper (H/enry and P/iper)
  • Henrer (Henr/y and Pip/er)
  • Pipry (Pip/er and Hen/ry)


Season 1 Moments

The Danger Begins

  • Henry calmly tries to get Piper to stop yelling because him, Jasper, and Charlotte are trying to study. Piper insists that its fine because she's talking to her mother.
  • Piper doesn't respond to Henry when he says that nobody cares that Jessica unfollowed her, while Piper would have normally gotten angry.

The Secret Gets Out

Substitute Teacher

  • She screamed Henry's name while coming into the school.
  • He told her that she couldn't be in the school.
  • Piper said that Henry took her phone.
  • Henry was confused, but then grabbed it out of his pocket.
  • She was mad at him for butt dialing Jana Tetrazzini.
  • He asked why she was mad.
  • Piper said that she hated her, and needed to ignore her call.
  • When Piper was leaving, Henry said he loved her, and she responded by saying "Who cares?".

Jasper Danger

The Space Rock

  • Piper wants Henry to get Jasper out of their house.
  • Henry tells Piper that Jasper's parents don't believe in the internet.
  • When Piper starts to attack Jasper, Henry tries to stop her.
  • Piper tells Henry that his backpack was dropped off.
  • She tells Henry to stop bothering her.
  • She tells Henry that he's nothing.

Super Volcano

Spoiler Alert

  • Henry filmed Piper while she was eating the hair soup.
  • He was wondering why she was upset.
  • He said that she could go to the Galaxy Wars 9 premier with Charlotte.
  • Piper asked why he was being so nice, and he almost said he loved her.
  • Henry sounded angry when he told Ray that Paula Makiato was being mean to Piper.

My Phony Valentine

Caved In

  • Henry says that Piper has a broken ankle so they can cut in front of the line.
  • He sees that she is trapped upstairs with Jasper.

Elevator Kiss

Dream Busters

Kid Grounded

  • Piper catches Henry coming into his room at 1 in the morning.
  • Piper tells their parents what happened the night before.
  • Henry tells their parents that Piper watched a movie she shouldn't have.
  • Piper wants to charge her phone with Henry's cord, but he wouldn't let her use it.
  • Piper slams the door in Henry's face so he can't get into the house.
  • Henry says that they have to behave if they don't want to be grounded anymore.
  • Henry offers to hold her hand while walking up the stairs.
  • Piper and Henry start to fight, but then immediately stop when their mom hears them.

Captain Jerk

The Bucket Trap

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 2

'Jasper's Real Girlfriend'

Season 2 Moments

The Beat Goes On

One Henry, Three Girls, Part 1

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