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Charlotte holding the new transparent PearPhone (maybe PearPhone 7?)

Pear Company is a company that made appearances in Dan Schnieder's shows since Drake and Josh. It's an obvious parody of Apple Inc. Pear has products such as PearPhones, PearPads, PearBooks, iPears, and PearPods. In iCarly, Victorious, and Sam and Cat, these products have had a pear-shaped design, but the new PearPhones in Henry Danger appear to have a transparent design and aren't pear-shaped. PearPhones have been shown to be smaller than their opaque pear shaped counterparts seen on iCarly, Victorious, and Sam and Cat. There have been a couple of versions of the PearPad Mini on iCarly.

PearPhone Ownership

Henry- Transparent with a Red Edge

Ray- Transparent with a Black Edge

Charlotte- Transparent with a Blue Edge

Jasper- Transparent

Piper- Transparent with a Pink Edge (Later changed to a Yellow Edge)

Shwoz- Transparent

Siren- Transparent, with a circular-rectangular edge. (Looking like an iPhone 6/6S)

PearBook Ownerships

Piper- Orange PearBook Air

Jasper- Purple PearBook

Henry- Purple Pearbook

Charlotte- Pink Pearbook



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