Smartphone, product of Pear Company

First Appearance

The Danger Begins (Henry Danger)

Early on in iCarly and Victorious, PearPhones were rectangular. Later on, in those same two shows, and all through Sam & Cat, PearPhones were pear-shaped. In Henry Danger, the rectangular PearPhones returned, but they have a transparent screen.

PearPhone Owners

  • So far, the PearPhone has appeared in iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, and Henry Danger.
  • The PearPhone 7 is a parody of the iPhone 5S.
  • In Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems, Piper's PearPhone has a Pear logo, but it doesn't for her or every other phone in any episode, neither it does in the opening, when it shows the scene.

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