That's how you sound!
— Paula
Paula Makiato
Full Name

Paula Makiato



Resides in



Former President of the Man Fans

Eye Color


Hair Color



Piper Hart

First Appearance

Spoiler Alert

Portrayed By

Amiah Miller

Paula Makiato is a character who appeared in Spoiler Alert. She is very mean to Piper Hart and was the President of the Man Fans until Captain Man declared Piper the new president.


Paula is a mean, young little girl who enjoys seeing people do disgusting things to embarrass themselves, as proven when she tells a future "Man Fan" Piper Hart to eat a soup full of hair. She may also be jealous of Piper because of her being a big devoted fan of Captain Man.


Paula Makiato was with the other Man Fans watching the video of Piper eating hair soup, which made them giggle. She would later receive a visit from the very girl she was watching on the TV.

Even after watching the video of Piper eating hair soup, she had a disliking to her and didn't consider her yet a member of the fan club. Whether she was serious or not, she wanted Piper to take a picture of her and Captain Man together if she wished to join the club.

Later, on facechat, Paula was disappointed in Piper and crushed her spirit by saying she will never be a Man Fan since she failed to find Captain Man.

However, at the Swellview Monoplex, it would be the last time Paula would be president of her own fan club when despite being rude to Piper some more. After trying to get Captain Man's attention, she would develop hatred for her hero after he passed her title of "President" to Piper.


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  • Her last name is a pun on Macchiato, a type of coffee.

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