Ortho is a minor character in Henry Danger. He made his debut in Substitute Teacher. Ortho told Ray, Charlotte, and Henry that the kids at his previous school called him "Booger Boy". He is played by Trevor Gore.


Ortho first appeared in Substitute Teacher. Henry and Charlotte found him to be suspicious and told Ray. Ray suspected Ortho is the son of Drill Finger, a villain who was released from prison. To spy on Ortho, Ray goes undercover as a Substitute teacher and manages to get Ortho's father to come to school with him. Henry knocks out the two of them and takes them to the man cave to interigate them. Gooch tells them Drill Finger is actually in Nebraska. Ortho's father says that they'll go straight to the police once they're set free, and Henry knocks them out again while Ray erases their memories.


Ortho is an awkward and unforgiving person. He first appeared as an awkward kid to Henry and Charlotte, then showed his unforgiving side when Ray found the real Drill Finger.



  • His name is an allusion to the word "Orthodontist", a type of dentist.