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Oliver Pook
Full Name

Oliver Pook



Date of Birth


Resides in


Eye Color


Hair Color



Krisha (cousin)


Sidney Birnbaum (Best Friend)
Jasper Dunlop (Friend) Henry Hart


Swellview Junior High

First Appearance

The Danger Begins

Portrayed By

Matthew Zhang

Oliver Pook is a recurring character on Henry Danger. He is portrayed by Matthew Zhang. Oliver and Sidney Birnbaum are best friends.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Oliver is quirky and a very strange boy, known for his strange dance moves and obsession with strange outfits such as "boynks", skinny jeans, and a tandem jacket. He sometimes isn't very bright. He sold fruit bars them to Mitch Bilsky, and got bullied, but he was completely oblivious to this. He also seems to hold a grudge against Bianca, as she almost canceled Oliver's plans with Henry for that weekend.

Relationships With Other Characters

Sidney Birnbaum

Oliver and Sidney are best friends. He and Sidney appear to attract girls. He apparently ate bugs with Sidney when he was younger.

Henry Hart

Henry is sometimes weirded out by Oliver, but he still cares about him but Oliver is unaware that Henry is Kid Danger. He stood up for Oliver when he was getting bullied by Mitch in Super Volcano, but Oliver never even realized he was being bullied. He also went ice-fishing with him, while wearing a tandem jacket, on the top of Mt. Swellview.


  • Oliver's father lives in his basement.
  • He appears a lot Season 1, but not a lot in Season 2. It is unknown how many episodes he will appear in Season 3. He has appeared four times in the third season.
  • It is revealed in the episode "Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1", that Sidney helps him get dressed, however Oliver picks out the clothes.
  • He eats bugs, as shown in the episode "Birthday Girl Down".
  • His best friend is Sidney Birnbaum, but he has appeared in more episodes than him.


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