Minor ships on the show are relationships that are possible, yet not given much airtime, due to the relationship being hard to develop if a member only has a recurring or unstable role on the show. Some of the characters are just one-time appearance characters.

Ships can either be platonic friendships or romantic relationships.


Elevator Kiss

  • Jasper told Bianca "Don't get cute." meaning he has a crush on her.
  • Jasper enjoyed Bianca's pie.


My Phony Valentine

  • Bianca and Charlotte talked to each other two different times.

Elevator Kiss

  • Charlotte enjoyed Bianca's pie.


Henry the Man-Beast

  • Chloe kissed Henry on the cheek.
  • Henry and Chloe went out on a date at "Sotto Voce".
  • Henry wrecks the date.
    • He invites Chloe over so he can apologize.
    • Henry makes dinner for the two of them
  • Henry holds Chloe's hand.
  • Henry leans in to kiss her, but Jasper comes in and interrupts it.


Substitute Teacher

  • Oliver comes to Henry to ask him a quick question, but Piper scares him away.

Super Volcano

  • Henry stood up for Oliver, even though Oliver was unaware.
  • Henry reluctantly kept his promise to go ice-fishing with Oliver instead of ditching him for Bianca.


Jasper Danger

  • Monica believes Jasper is the real Kid Danger.
  • Jasper tries to hold Monica's hand, but she doesn't want to hold it.
  • Monica kisses Jasper on the cheek.
  • Jasper tries to kiss Monica.


Jasper's Real Girlfriend

  • Jasper and Courtney are dating.
  • Jasper puts his arm around Courtney.
  • He is very protective of Courtney, and defends her when Henry and Charlotte accuse her of being mentally unstable.


  • They didn't kiss in the episode, but Dan posted a picture of them kissing, meaning it was cut from the episode.


My Phony Valentine

  • Bianca agreed to go on a date with Mitch because he asked her in advance.
  • Bianca doesn't show anger when Mitch bought two sodas for himself.
  • Bianca doesn't show anger when he flirts with Tiffany.
  • Mitch shows Bianca his muscles, and she smiles.


Elevator Kiss

  • Piper enjoyed Bianca's pie.


The Space Rock

  • Ray and Laynani was hanging downstairs in the man-cave.
  • When Ray passed out, Laylani rushs up to him to check if he was okay.


Henry and the Bad Girl (Parts 1 & 2)

  • Kid Danger and Veronika kissed multiple times.
  • Veronika flirted with Kid Danger multiple times as well.
  • Veronika painted Kid Danger's suit.
  • Veronika promised to never do graffiti again, and then they kissed again.

One Henry, Three Girls (Part 1)

  • Veronika met Kid Danger in Swellview Park
    • This was made to seem like a regular occurance, so it is assumed they were dating
  • Veronika stroked Kid Danger's cheek to distract him from being angry with her.
  • They tried to kiss twice, but were interuppted both times
    • The first time, an elderly man tells them to find somewhere else.
    • The second time, the SMPD (Swellview Metro Police Department) rushes in to arrest Veronika
  • Veronika made a caricature drawing of them together on a boat
  • She began flirting with him again when he said he liked somebody else.


Opposite Universe

  • Mitch and Jasper work together in the opposite universe despite not knowing each other well in the regular universe.

Mouth Candy

  • Mitch gets a rise out of Jasper by framing him and calling him the hot broth burglar.
  • After Captain Man makes Mitch confess that he framed Jasper, Mitch calls Jasper "a really great guy".

Dodging Danger

  • When Mitch walks over to Jasper and Henry to tease them, he puts his hands on/around Jasper's shoulders.

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