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  • Hope all is well, I saw that you uploaded the full pics from here for the first season. I was wondering if you would be able to do the same for the ones that I recently uploaded. Are you a member that was able to get a bigger size. I am not so I had to screen shot it and upload it, it was on the small size. All the pics have been just uploaded, so if you could do this that would be great and put it into the file it is currently in.

    Pic names

    • File:Piperseason2full.jpg
    • File:Rayseason2full.jpg ‎
    • File:Rayandhenseason2full.jpg ‎
    • File:Kdcmseason2almostfull.jpg‎
    • File:Jasperseason2full.jpg ‎
    • File:Charseason2full.jpg ‎
    • File:Groupseason2full.jpg‎
    • File:Everyoneseason2.jpg ‎
    • File:Henryseason2full.jpg ‎
    • File:Henryseason2full2.jpg
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  • It has come to Bigteddy's and my attention that you have been acting very strangely lately. Today I sent a message about issue and you delete it with a K at the end of the deletion. Plus you have never responded to any of my posts at anytime this wiki was in development or when I posted the policies. Also I have noticed that you blocked users unfairly when we had ip's, but they only had one edit. So I am going to have to take away your rights to the wiki. We have decided that You are welcome to continue to edit, but are no longer part of the superhero team.

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