• I live in Philadelphia
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
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  • At the monument we have two conflicting names for the character Bolton was confirmed here I changed back to just charlotte until I figure out what to do.

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  • Captian Man is selfish so he wouldn't probably know what cartoon would be good. But that's an opinion.

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  • Congrats you are now a Content Moderator/Superhero!! Please take the time to look over these pages.

    Also keep in Mind as a Content Moderator you won't be able to block users. SO if there is a vandal the best bet would be to protect the page as you would be able to do that and report it to the admins that are able too.

    To let you know before hand. Any edit that is done by Patricckko has been founders approved. He is the only user that is allowed to add information without a source as we gave him approval in 2015. I can't tell you the source as I promised, but its a 100% Reliable source. Also if you look at his past edits he hast been correct 99% of the time. the other one percent is usually a change that is made at the last minute by Nick or Dan.

    I will need your time zone and your Availability for the admin page as well as a color of your choice for the comment section.

    Once again Congrats!!!

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  • You have been nominated to become our new content moderator on the wiki. If you are interested becoming an content moderator, please answer the following questions. If necessary, we will add follow-up questions or ask you to interview on chat.

    1. What do you believe are the three most important qualities of content moderator?
    2. why are Our policies so important to follow?
    3. What priorities of yours, if any, would change as a result of becoming an admin? How would those changes translate into your editing activities? All together would you be able to meet are required edits each month. 10 edits each month.
    4. Are you a content moderator or admin on any other wiki's, if so what wiki's are you a content moderator or admin at?
    5. What key principles do you use in resolving conflicts between users and vandalizing the wiki?
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    • Thank you for the nomination to become a content moderator!

      1. I believe that the most important qualities for a content moderator to have are discretion, commitment, and resourcefulness. Discretion and resourcefulness make for someone who knows what to do and when, and commitment makes for someone who is consistent and willing to devote their time.
      2. Following the wikia's policies is important because doing so ensures that everything runs smoothly. It also provides that the wiki remains professional and presentable.
      3. Given the opportunity to be a content moderator, my priorities would shift in that I would dedicate more of my time to making any needed improvements to the wikia. This would manifest itself as more frequent edits, but not including any frivolous ones, of course. Also, my edits would become less central to my personal interests. Finally, yes, I am sure I would be able to meet the quota of 10 edits/month.
      4. I am not a content moderator on any other wikias. I'm not very active on other wikias, but I do make a few edits on some from time to time (Knight Squad, in particular).
      5. I have not yet had to resolve any issues surrounding conflicts or vandalism. However, on such an occasion, I would take the necessary measures such as issuing warnings and blocking users if need be. In order to combat vandalism, I would also protect pages that tend to get defaced.

      Thank you again for considering me! :)

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  • hi I'm teamedwardfanmade463, who r u?

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  • Hi, welcome to Henry Danger Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Henry Hart (Kid Danger) page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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