Man Cave
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The Danger Begins

The Man Cave is Captain Man's secret headquarters, located underneath Junk N' Stuff.


To get into the Man Cave, one would have to enter a secret elevator which goes very deep down until he/she plummets to the ground. Inside are a bunch of technological equipment such as Captain Man's computer communicator, a secret door that leads somewhere, and two tubes to take Captain Man and his sidekick Kid Danger to the surface to fight crime in Swellview. To get up to the surface, he would have to yell "Up the tube". The interior of the cave has a futuristic appearance to it, matching the colors of Captain Man's suit of red, blue, and silver.

Known Rooms

  • Main room
  • Ray's room
  • Schwoz's room
  • Guest room
  • Bathroom
  • Storage room
  • Weapons room
  • Prisoner Cell


  • Tubes - Tubes that can take Captain Man and Kid Danger to their destination lifting them using sting winds.
  • Super Computer - A highly advanced computer used mainly by Charlotte to keep track of villains in Swellview and gain information, it is revealed that it also has cable television.
  • Hidden Weapons Vault - A shelf of highly dangerous weapons hidden in the floor of the Man Cave. A list of these gadgets can be found here.
  • Auto Snacker - A machine in the wall where if you hold your hand to it, and say the name of a food, the food will come out of the machine.



  • The Man Cave is inspired from the Batcave in the Batman continuity, down from having a secret entrance to having a computer to keep track of criminal activity.
  • The Auto Snacker reads Food-O-Matic in The Danger Begins, while in later episodes it reads Auto Snacks.
  • It's revealed in Jasper's Real Girlfriend that Schwoz can bring every family member to the Man Cave, except for Winnie.
  • It is revealed in a motion comic that there are stairs that lead to Junk N' Stuff.
  • It is stated in The Danger Begins that there is a hot tub in the man cave.
  • Captain Man states in Hour of Power that he has had another Man Cave prior to that episode's events. This means during the nine years that have past, the current cave was built just not too long before the events of the show's premiere episode.
  • Ray once let Brad stay in the Man Cave for two months when his girlfriend dumped him to try to make up for getting him turned invisible.
  • It is revealed in "The Trouble with Frittles", that the Man Cave is located 2 miles underneath Junk N Stuff.

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