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This is a list of relationships with Swellview's villains in Henry Danger. They only include villains whom Captain Man and Kid Danger have faced more than once. Villains are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Dr. Minyak

  • Dr. Minyak may possibly be Captain Man's sworn enemy, especially since he used jolly beetle tears to rid the hero of his powers.
  • It is obvious Minyak hates Captain Man for his looks, having said to a henchman to "Hurt Handsome", and bringing it up again in Danger & Thunder.
  • He had a camera disguised as a birthday cake sent to the Man Cave (in The Beat Goes On), hinting he either wanted to find out his and Kid Danger's identities or simply jeopardize the location of the Man Cave to the public.

Drill Finger

  • Prior to Substitute Teacher, Drill Finger swore revenge on Captain Man after he was arrested.


  • Captain Man (and Kid Danger) doesn't like Jeff, and it has been implied that he has sent the petty criminal to jail several times.
  • Jeff also does not like Captain Man, mostly when the door to his apartment keeps getting broken by him and his sidekick.

Nurse Cohort

  • Nurse Cohort in her first appearance with Dr. Minyak initially was attracted to Captain Man, calling him "handsome". However, this aspect has not been seen since. She may also be the reason why Minyak hates the superhero.


  • He has many reasons for hating Captain Man, but like Minyak, he finds him a very, attractive man, implying jealousy.


  • The grudge on Captain Man between Dr. Minyak and the Toddler is at a tie because both villains hate him and are jealous of his physical appearance; and it's hard to say who is the main archrival.

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