This is a list of locations (shops, residencies, schools, etc.) within the city limits of Swellview. Landmarks and historic places of Swellview are also on this list.


Always B Positive Blood Bank

Back Out Steak House

A steakhouse mentioned by Ray in Secret Beef, which is seemingly not as popular as Montego's.

Beta Maximus

A now closed movie store that sold the now defunct video cassettes local to Swellview. Jeff was hiding here.

Big Putts

A mini golf course that is nearly defaced by the Wall Dogs.

Bucket Hut

A store that sells a variety of buckets. Jasper Dunlop is a frequent customer.

Club 11

A club where you have to be 11 years old or older to enter.

Club Soda

A club where you have to be 13 years or older to get in.

Downtown Brown

A cafe that appears in both Henry Danger (Meet Cute Crush) , and The Adventures Of Kid Danger (Yoohoo Tube). 

Dunlop House

Residence of Jasper Dunlop.

Fred Lobster

Piper is on a Fred Lobster commercial, mentioned in Space Invaders, Part 1 and Part 2 and The Rock Box Dump. Fred Lobster appears in Car Trek.

Frittle Factory

Appears in The Trouble With Frittles

Gabby Birch's House

Appears in A Fiñata Full Of Death Bugs.

Glass From The Past

A store that sells glass bottles.

Glass Tech Industries

Hart House

The Hart House is where Henry Hart and his family live. It appears in a majority of the show's episodes and the most common area of the house shown is the living room.

Hey Foods

Jasper buys food from Hey Foods in Captain Man-kini, and it makes a brief appearance in the The Adventures of Kid Danger episode, Cheer Beast.

Hey Jean!

A clothing store that sells skinny jeans.

Holy Donuts

Inside-Out Burger

A hamburger restaurant.

Jandy River

A river in Swellview.

Jeff's Apartment

Jeff lives in a sloppy apartment where he kidnapped Jasper as Kid Danger and Monica and even kept the stolen fish from Sushi Dushi after locking the employees in the restaurant's freezer.

Junk N' Stuff

A place that sells unusual trinkets and objects. It secretly holds the Man Cave.

Lake Swellview

Lake Swellview is a very large lake located in the woods of Swellview. A secret underwater lair was built in the depths of the lake but it is unknown when.

Lil' Biker Shop (Dr. Minyak's second lair)

After escaping prison, Minyak found refuge in Lil' Biker Shop and took the owner hostage and changing it into his makeshift lair with Nurse Cohort. After his defeat, however, it reverted back to a biker shop.


An expensive steakhouse where reservations are required.

Mount Swellview

Mount Swellview is where Henry Hart and Oliver Pook went fishing as Henry promised to spend the weekend with him up in the snowy mountain. It is also seen in The Trouble With Frittles.

Mouth Candy

Nacho Ball

Nakatomi Tower

  • A tall tower with unknown businesses. Bianca got laser eye surgery in there.

New Jandy Bridge

Old Maple Grill

An abandoned that was Van Del's former base of operations.

Old Swellview Ski Lodge

Go-Bro's secret lair in Captain Man-kini.

Omar's Pizza

Omar's Pizza was mentioned by Henry when Ray asked where Dr. Minyak could be hiding in Danger & Thunder.

Opposite Swellview

Page House

Pet Me

  • A pet store in Swellview. Dirk held some hostages (including Captain Man) in the building until Jasper stopped him.


Appears in Hour of Power and is mentioned in Meet Cute Crush.

Rigby's Warehouse (Dr. Minyak's former base of operations)

Rub Me Do

Saint Bernard's Hospital

Schneider's Bakery

  • A bakery that Ray and Drex would go to when they were younger.

Sotto Voce

Specs in the City

An optical store with very good reviews.

Sushi Dushi

A sushi restaurant.

Swell Foods

Swell Foods is briefly shown on the Man Cave computer screen to the left in Danger & Thunder.

Swellview Airport

Swellview Bank

Gwen mentioned how she wanted to rob the bank in Love Muffin

Swellview Cemetery

Swellview City Hall

Swellview Clock Tower (Time Jerker's former base of operations)

The clock tower served as the Time Jerker's lair, and perhaps his getaway locale before Captain Man and Kid Danger tracked him down.

Swellview Elementary School

Swellview J.A.M. Class

Swellview Junior High

Swellview Library

Swellview Mall

Swellview Medical Plaza

Swellview Mine Shaft

The source of the gas leak came from the mine shaft, and Captain Man was briefly trapped down here after he fixed the issue.

Swellview Monoplex

Swellview Museum of Stools & Jewels

Swellview Park

Established 1896, Swellview Park is a park located in Swellview. It is also where Fod Fest was in Back to the Danger: Part 1.

Swellview Police Station

Swellview Prison

A prison where the most notorious criminals of Swellview are detained. Dr. Minyak and Drex have escaped from this prison.

Swellview Storage (Dr. Minyak's third lair)

  • Another one of Minyak's hideouts, formerly a storage facility where residents could rent storage areas.

Swellview Tech University

Swellview Turnpike

Yotally Togurt

Former Locations

Jandy Bridge

Swellview Ski Lodge

  • An abandoned ski lodge that has fallen into disrepair and served as the location of Go-Bro's latest video stunt.