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List of Parodies in Henry Danger

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This page is for a list of parodies in Henry Danger.

Parody Parody of First mention or appearance
Beyonspray Beyoncé Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
Dampers Pampers The Danger Begins
Dogs' Got Talent America's Got Talent Elevator Kiss
Dog Judge Judge Judy Grave Danger
Duke Starjacker Luke Skywalker Spoiler Alert
Fred Lobster Red Lobster Space Invaders, Part 1
Galaxy Wars Star Wars Spoiler Alert
Ginger Fox Britney Spears The Space Rock
Inside-Out-Burger In-N-Out Burger Super Volcano
Kate Spod Kate Spade Man of the House
Kids in the Woods Into the Woods One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2
MRSA NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Space Invaders, Part 1
PearBook MacBook The Danger Begins
Pear Company Apple Inc.
PearPad iPad Substitute Teacher
PearPhone iPhone The Danger Begins
Red Skynauts Stormtroopers Spoiler Alert
Six Poles Six Flags Caved In
Skeez-its Cheez-It Invisible Brad
Spray Z Jay Z Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
T-Paint T-Pain Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
TwitFlash Twitter Substitute Teacher
Two Cans 2 Chainz Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
Wahoo Punch Hawaiian Punch
Walking Orange The Annoying Orange/The Walking Dead Spoiler Alert
Wazzle Yahtzee Elevator Kiss

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