This page is for a list of parodies in Henry Danger.

Parody Parody of First mention or appearance
America's Got Salad America's Got Talent Space Invaders, Part 1
Back Out Steak House Outback Steakhouse Secret Beef
Beta Maximus Blockbuster Video/Betamax Stuck in Two Holes
Beyonspray Beyoncé Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1
Dampers Pampers The Danger Begins
Dog Judge Judge Judy/Judge Joe/People's Court Grave Danger
Dogs' Got Talent The Got Talent franchise Elevator Kiss
Duke Starjacker Luke Skywalker Spoiler Alert
Ert & Bernie Bert & Ernie Secret Beef
Frankinibottoms Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob SquarePants Live and Dangerous, Part 1
Fred Lobster Red Lobster Space Invaders, Part 1
Galaxy Wars Star Wars Spoiler Alert
Ginger Fox Britney Spears The Space Rock
Holland Oates Daryl Hall & John Oates The Trouble With Frittles
Inside-Out-Burger In-N-Out Burger Super Volcano
Kate Spod Kate Spade Man of the House
Kids in the Woods Into the Woods One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2
Montego's Morton's Secret Beef
MRSA NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Space Invaders, Part 1
PearBook MacBook The Danger Begins
Pear Company Apple Inc.
PearPad iPad Substitute Teacher
PearPhone iPhone The Danger Begins
Pet Me PetSmart Henry's Jelly
Red Skynauts Stormtroopers Spoiler Alert
Schwabbit & Kooschtello Bud Abbott & Lou Costello Hour of Power
Six Poles Six Flags Caved In
Skeez-its Cheez-It Invisible Brad
Specs in the City Sex & the City Captain Man: On Vacation
Spray Z Jay Z Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
Swellview's Got Talent (show) The Got Talent franchise Swellview's Got Talent
T-Paint T-Pain Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
TwitFlash Twitter Substitute Teacher
Two Cans 2 Chainz Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1/2
Wahoo Punch Hawaiian Punch
Walking Orange The Annoying Orange/The Walking Dead Spoiler Alert
Vojio Vizio Swellview's Got Talent
Wazzle Yahtzee Elevator Kiss
YoPro GoPro Invisible Brad

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