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Junk N' Stuff
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The Danger Begins

Junk 'N' Stuff is a store with all kinds of quirky items. Along with the Hart House, the majority of the show's episodes take place here. It was owned and operated by Gooba Gooch, appearing as an ordinary store with various antiques and valuables, although in hindsight, is also a sanctuary of Gooch's very rare plant Omar.

Underneath the store is the Man Cave, which is both Captain Man and Kid Danger's secret hideout.

Between Captain Jerk, Gooch's last confirmed appearance and I Know Your Secret, the last episode before Jasper got the job as cashier, it is unknown who was charge of running the store between that period of time though Ray has been shown running the front desk a few times.


Known Rooms:

  • The main room
  • The bathroom
  • The back room


  • At the cash register, which is where Gooch almost always is, there is a small control panel that has multiple buttons and switches. There is one switch that shuts off the power system (which blocks all cell phone signals).
  • In the episode "Space Invaders, Part 1", it is revealed that their is a bathroom somewhere up in Junk 'N' Stuff.
  • There are stairs next to the main door, meaning that it is possible that there is an upper level above the store.

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