Jasper and Piper


Jasper Dunlop
Piper Hart



Jasper Dunlop and Piper Hart are both main characters on Henry Danger. Piper was quickly shown to hate Jasper, although Jasper doesn't seem to hate Piper. Jasper is shown to be easily tricked by Piper.

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Season 1 Moments

The Secret Gets Out

  • Jasper and Piper blackmailed each other.

The Space Rock

  • Piper attacked Jasper and blamed him for having to pay for a Ginger Fox video.

The Bucket Trap

  • Piper gave Jasper advice on how to keep his secret.

Season 2 Moments

One Henry, Three Girls, Part 1

  • Jasper broke Piper's glass hat.
  • Piper got him arrested for by exposing him for using the women’s restroom. 

Captain Man: On Vacation

  • Jasper tried to help Piper get more subscribers than Jana Tetrazini.

Danger & Thunder

  • Jasper protected Piper by admitting to being the one who invited Booger Steven to the party.

Season 3 Moments

JAM Session

  • Piper becomes enraged and rips Jasper's shorts off.

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