Henray is the friendship/mentor pairing of Henry Hart and Ray Manchester. Henry Hart and Ray Manchester, also known under the aliases of Kid Danger and Captain Man, are both main characters in Henry Danger. They have a boss and employee relation, but are also best friends. They are both secretly the superheroes of Swellview.

Possible names

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Henray outside of their costumes.

-Henray (Henr/y and R/ay)

-Renry (R/ay and H/enry)

-Rayry (Ray and Hen/ry)

-Hay (H/enry and R/ay)

-Hera (He/nry and Ra/y)


Season 1 Moments

The Danger Begins

  •  After Henry throws the bottle bomb in the ball pit, Ray protects Henry from the blast

The Secret Gets Out

  • After Ray rehires Henry, the two hug

Tears of the Jolly Beetle

  • Ray comes to Henry's aid when Kid Danger fights Dr. Minyak
  • Ray is proud when Henry kicks one of the goons in the face
  • When the beetles are freed, Ray holds Henry back to stop him from crushing the bugs
  • When the gang realizes Ray is indestructable again, he and Henry hug

The Space Rock

  • Henry is worried about Ray when the space rock drops through the floor
  • Henry jumps on Ray's back when the lights goes out because he's afraid of the alien baby
  • Ray reassures that there's no reason to be afraid

Birthday Girl Down

  • Henry and Ray team up to try and clear Henry's name

Too Much Game

  • Ray stepped between Henry and Schwoz protectively
  • Ray (and Schwoz) came to watch Henry's basketball game
  • He smiles fondly as he watches Henry shoot basketball in the Man Cave

Henry the Man-Beast

  • Ray teases Henry about his date
  • Ray (and Schwoz) is concerned when he finds out Henry was zapped by the machine

Invisible Brad

  • Henry gets defensive when Brad mentions wanting to be Ray's sidekick
  • Ray says Henrys is an excellent sidekick
  • Ray is angry when he thinks Brad punched Henry
  • They figure out Charlotte's plan at the same time

Spoiler Alert

  • Ray calls Henry a "little chip snatcher"
  • They have a laser fight in the Man Cave
  • Ray compliments Henry's costume for the movie premiere

Let's Make a Steal

  • Ray calls Henry "little buddy"
  • Ray (and Charlotte) helps Henry look presentable for TV

My Phony Valentine

  • Ray has dinner with Henry's teacher, despite really not wanting to, so Henry could raise his grade

Caved In

  • Henry (and Charlotte) teach Ray to ride a bike
  • Ray, Henry, and Charlotte roast marshmellows together
  • Henry and Ray side hug when the lockdown is over

Elevator Kiss

  • Ray compliments Henry's rhyme
  • Ray teases Henry about kissing Bianca

Man of the House

  • Ray is concerned about Henry's grades
  • He goes overboard with the dad role

Dream Busters

  • Ray is worried when Henry is hit with a dream beam
  • While Henry twitches and jerks in his sleep, Ray holds his hand for comfort
  • Ray (and Schwoz) frantically yell at Henry to wake up
  • When Henry finally does awake, Ray (and Schwoz) help Henry to his feet

Captain Jerk

  • Henry compliments Ray's apology video
  • Both Ray and Henry get freaked out over Schwoz's voice changing device
  • Ray and henry laugh at Schwoz's sister's name
  • When Dennis points the hotdog weapon at the rest of the group, Ray stands in front of Henry (and Piper) protectively

The Bucket Trap

  • Ray doesn't want Jasper to know Henry's secret because it will put Henry (and Ray) in danger

Henry & the Bad Girl (Part 1)

  • Henry and Ray camp out at a putt-putt place
  • Ray lectures Henry about letting a Wall Dog get away
  • After Henry apologizes, Ray forgives him
  • Henry and Ray argue and fight over Veronika

Henry & the Bad Girl (Part 2)

  • Ray is concerned as he tries tracking down Henry
  • When reunited, Ray and Henry hug at the Wall Dogs' HQ
  • Henry protects Ray by slicing one of the Wall Dogs' pipe weapons in half

Jasper's Real Girlfriend

  • Henry and Ray compete in ping-pong matches
  • Henry beats Ray at ping-pong and takes his championship ping-pong belt

Season 2 Moments

The Beat Goes On

  • Ray is worried when Henry leads Charlotte to the elevator
  • Henry and Ray argue over who came up with the idea first
  • They team up to brainwash Dr. Minyak and his assistant 

One Henry, Three Girls (Part 1)

  • Ray lectures Henry about responsibility

One Henry, Three Girls (Part 2)

  • Ray and Henry train together
  • Henry vents to Ray as they train
  • Ray is furious when he thinks someone hurt Henry
  • Ray is worried someone kidnapped Kid Danger

Henry & the Woodpeckers

  • Ray low fives Henry at the basketball game
  • He offers to take Henry (along with the Woodpeckers and Charlotte) out for ice cream to celebrate

The Time Jerker

  • Ray wakes Henry with a morning song and dance

Indestructible Henry, Part 2

  • When Henry finds out he may not be indestructible anymore, he taps his cheek and implies he wants Ray to punch him one last time. However, Ray misunderstands and kisses Henry on the cheek instead.

Grave Danger

  • Henry calms Ray down, and tells him to take a nap after he thinks he's going crazy
  • Ray cries on Henry's shoulder, and Henry pats him on the back

Ox Pox

  • Ray calls Henry worried he ate a potentially deadly cookie

Danger & Thunder

  • Ray makes Henry leave the villain convention when he realizes it's too dangerous
  • Henry gets visibly distressed after he thinks Captain Man exploded

Season 3 Moments

A Finata Full of Death Bugs

  • Henry smirks at Ray
  • Their civilian outfits match
  • Ray and Henry work with Schwoz to save Charlotte
  • Ray mimics Henry's angry hand gestures
  • After getting rid of the actual clowns, Ray gives Henry two thumbs up
  • They get stuck entertaining children together

Love Muffin

  • Henry pulls Ray away from Gwen
  • Henry is concerned about Ray's behavior
  • Ray fights Henry

Mouth Candy

  • Ray and Henry try to record a podcast
  • Ray jumps into Henry's arms

Space Invaders Part One'

  • Henry sets his gun, then double checks with Ray to make sure it's correct
  • Henry shoots everything and everywhere after Ray is knocked to the floor with debris

Gas or Fail

  • After Henry misses Ray with the ball, Ray begins to taunt, "Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!" but stops before he finishes and is too embarrassed to admit what he was about to say.

Season 4 Moments

Rock Box Dump

  • Henry is concerned when he sees Ray in a near-sugar coma
  • Ray laughs at a bee stinging Henry's tongue & Henry slipping on a grape
  • Ray holds Henry up during the livestream

Danger Games

  • Henry and Ray both think Dr. Minyak swears on the airplane
  • Henry saves Ray from Minyak's trap
  • They jump out of an airplane together
  • Ray and Henry dance with Double G on stage

Toon in for Danger

  • Henry and Ray complain to the producers of their TV show
  • After, they compliment each other on telling the producers off
  • They order their friends around
  • They write an entire script together
  • Ray lays his head on Henry's shoulder

Meet Cute Crush

  • Henry calls Ray "buddy"
  • Ray breaks up the argument between Henry and Piper
  • Ray is worried when Henry comes into the shop, hurt
  • He picks a piece of avacado from Henry's hair

Back to the Danger (Part 1)

  • Henry and Ray sit side-by-side on the couch when they watch Dog Judge
  • Ray pushes Henry behind him when Ray sees Drex is free
  • Ray leans on the desk in Schwoz's college dorm next to Henry, who's sitting in a chair
  • They look at each other when Jim says steaming underpants is smart
  • Henry knows something is up when Ray snaps at Schwoz
  • Ray grabs Henry's shoulders

Back to the Danger (Part 2)

  • Ray asks if Henry is okay after Drex throws him into some glass
  • Henry frantically asks Ray what's wrong with his arm
  • Ray stands in front of Henry as Drex walks toward them
  • Henry catches Ray
  • Ray protects Henry from the unknown burst of light 
  • Ray protects Henry a lot in this episode
  • Henry leans on Ray's shoulder
  • They pull the lever together
  • Ray tries to protect Henry (and Schwoz and Jasper) from exploding

Budget cuts

  • They agree they need there full budget back.
  • They agree on getting a nice boat.
  • They smile when they get there full budget back.

Diamonds are for Heather

  • Henry likes Ray's captain corndogs.
  • The protect the neal diamond together.
  • They both try to fight Heather without eyesight but end up punching each other.

Car trek

  • Ray and Henry agree to get better chetter biscuts.
  • Ray and Henry both cheer when the go to see the Boo Man Group.

Toddler invasion

  • They smell the gas together.
  • Henry gets Ray out of the heat box.
  • Henry agrees to get ray a water.
  • Ray agrees to wait for his water so Henry can go fix pipers phone.

Captain man-kini

  • Henry goes to save ray from Go-bro

Saturday Night Lies

  • Henry comes up with the idea that Ray is there dad.
  • Henry lets Ray have dinner at there house.
  • Henry and Ray agree to take Lacey and Roger to the church.
  • They ditch the church together after ringing the doorbell, only leaving Lacey and Roger there

Henry's Frittle Problem

  • Ray tells Henry everyone in Swellview will be dead if he's no longer his sidekick.
  • Ray helps Henry from Jake getting the job at the Frittle Factory to prevent him from having to move to Bordertown.
  • Ray attempts to Dart Henry but Henry ends up catching the dart.
  • Henry and Ray disguise themselves as Frittle Factory workers in an attempt to sabatoge Jake from getting the Job.  

Spelling Bee Hard

  • Henry and Ray are live-streaming as Captain Man and Kid Danger answering fan calls.
  • Henry and Jasper help Ray cheat at the Bee in an attempt to beat Dr.Minyak.
  • Henry tells Ray he was a good man for purposely misspelling a word to let Charlotte win.

Danger Things

  • Henry carves a pumkin with his Laser carving Ray's face on it.
  • Ray drops Henry's carved pimkin with his face on it.

Season 5 Moments

Henry's Birthday

  • Ray tells and shushs Henry to calm down after repeatly shooting Jeff with his laser.
  • Ray tells Henry to go home so he can celebrate his birthday and that he will take care of Jeff himself.
  • Ray and everyone sing Happy Birthday to Henry.

Thumb War

  • Henry runs over to Ray when he is hit with the Thumb Buddies viechle. 
  • Ray rushes over next to Henry after Mark knocks him out uncounsious from his electrofied arm.
  • Ray tells Henry to talk to him tho is uncouncious.
  • Ray checks Henry's Pulse.
  • Henry and Ray are both knocked out from Mark's electrofied arm.
  • Henry and Ray are trapped in a spaceship.
  • Ray tells Henry his dreams and Henry begs the Thumb Buddies to let him out.

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  • The relationship between Captain Man and Kid Danger (their alter egos) is similar in comparison to Batman and Robin. Batman is the hero, while Robin is the sidekick.