Henray is the friendship/mentor pairing of Henry Hart and Ray Manchester. Henry Hart and Ray Manchester, also known under the aliases of Kid Danger and Captain Man, are both main characters in Henry Danger. They have a boss and employee relation, but are also best friends. They are both secretly the superheroes of Swellview.

Possible names


Henray outside of their costumes.

-Henray (Henr/y and R/ay)

-Renry (R/ay and H/enry)

-Rayry (Ray and Hen/ry)

-Hay (H/enry and R/ay)

-Hera (He/nry and Ra/y)


Season 1 Moments

The Secret Gets Out

  • After Ray rehires Henry, the two hug.

Season 2 Moments

Indestructible Henry, Part 2

  • When Henry finds out he may not be indestructible anymore, he taps his cheek and implies he wants Ray to punch him one last time. However, Ray misunderstands and kisses Henry on the cheek instead.

Season 3 Moments

Gas or Fail

  • After Henry misses Ray with the ball, Ray begins to taunt, "Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!" but stops before he finishes and is too embarrassed to admit what he was about to say.

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  • The relationship between Captain Man and Kid Danger (their alter egos) is similar in comparison to Batman and Robin. Batman is the hero, while Robin is the sidekick.