Schwoz's Android is a character who first appeared in the episode, My Phony Valentine. It is apparent it is a female, since it changes into female forms only, except when helping Henry by taking his form. Schwoz Schwartz also shows affections for the android.

As Tiffany, she is portrayed by Alyssa Jenny Cotero. As Gerta, she is portrayed by Julie Rei Goldstein. As Delilah, she is portrayed by Sophia Mosich.


She is an android and she was Henry's date to Club Soda. She was supposed to make Henry's crush, Bianca, jealous. She looks like a high-schooler and is even taller than Henry. When Henry said that Mitch Bilsky was evil, she went crazy and beat up Mitch, who was Bianca's date. Henry (as Kid Danger) fought her and "took her to therapy".

She is a shape-shifting android, and appears in five forms.

  • Delilah, a blonde girl who is Henry's age
  • Gerta, a German woman
  • Tiffany, a very attractive high schooler
  • Henry Hart
  • A bird


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