“Diamonds Are For Heather”
Season 4, Episode 12
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April 14, 2018

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Dan Schneider
Andrew Thomas


Nathan Kress

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Diamonds Are For Heather is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Henry Danger. It premiered on April 14, 2018 to an audience of 1.06 million viewers.


Henry, Charlotte, and Jasper rush into the Man Cave, as Ray had all sent a “Doomsday Alert” to their phones. They look frantically for Ray, but Ray simply enters the room in an apron with some corn dogs, in a good mood. He tells them that he alerted them all so that they could come over and try his new “Captain Corn Dogs”, which were appetizer-sized corn dogs that he made. Henry and Charlotte try them and love them. They then get an emergency alert. Henry and Ray transform into Kid Danger and Captain Man and answer the alert. A man who owns a museum tells them that they were in possession of the Neal Diamond for a week, and everyone had been trying to steal it. He asks Captain Man and Kid Danger if they can come and guard the diamond for one day. Captain Man agrees, on the terms that he gets to give out his Captain Corn Dogs at the museum. Captain Man and Kid Danger walk over and find that Jasper and Charlotte have eaten all the corn dogs.

At the museum, Kid Danger and Captain Man guard the Neal Diamond, while giving out Captain Corn Dogs. Meanwhile, Schwoz has placed a camera in their masks so that he, Jasper, and Charlotte could see what the two of them saw from the Man Cave. Whenever Captain Man or Kid Danger interacted with someone, Schwoz could scan their face and find their name and criminal history. At one point, Kid Danger sees a pretty girl and begins flirting with her. Schwoz, Charlotte, and Jasper scan her face and realize that her name was Heather Bogart, and she had a criminal history of stealing jewels. She had recently been released from prison. Schwoz tells Captain Man through his earpiece that Heather was a jewel thief. Captain Man goes to apprehend Heather, who openly admits to being a jewel thief. Captain Man is about to arrest her, but Heather tells him that she had been released from jail, and had a ticket to the museum, so she could walk around the museum without being arrested. However, she tells them that before the museum closed, she would steal the Neal Diamond.

Captain Man and Kid Danger continue to guard the Neal Diamond from her. Piper and her friends suddenly show up and tell them that they came to watch Heather steal the Neal Diamond, as she posted a video online. As Kid Danger and Captain Man are talking to them, Heather begins talking to two photographers that she hired. Piper and her friends go to another room in the museum, as Heather and the two photographers put on sunglasses. They take a picture of Captain Man and Kid Danger. The flash on the camera is so bright that it blinds everyone in the room except Heather and her photographers. Schwoz realizes that the flash was gamma light, a light so bright that it temporarily blinded you. With everyone in the room blind, Heather begins to unlock the case with the diamond. Piper and her friends come back in the room. She is able to see, as she wasn’t in the room when the lights went off. She helps Captain Man and Kid Danger fight the photographers, as Heather is able to steal the diamond. Piper grabs Heather, trying to stop her from stealing it. Kid Danger grabs hold of one of the photographer’s cameras, and hits the button, turning the flash on and blinding Heather and Piper. Heather tries to escape the museum, but Captain Man and Kid Danger are able to grab her. They turn Heather over to the police, and she is arrested. The museum owner looks around and sees that everything in the museum has been damaged as a result of the fight. Kid Danger tries to hand the Neal Diamond back to the owner, but drops it, breaking it. The two leave, as Piper tries a discarded Captain Corn Dog, and loves it.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Minor Cast

  • Lizze Broadway as Heather Bogart
  • Martin Garcia as Jerome Sanchez
  • Taylor Cross as Keith
  • Chris Schermerhorn as Calvin
  • Brent Chase as Chud
  • DJ Simmons as Rank


  • The title is a spoof on the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.
  • The following people have jewels named after them in this episode:
    • Neil Diamond (his jewel is the focus of the episode)
    • Emma Stone
    • Billy Crystal
    • Dustin Diamond (no relation to Neil)
    • Lagossi Emerald (real name Emeril Lagasse)
    • Jack Ruby
  • This episode has a title similar to the Kenan & Kel episode, Diamonds Are for Roger.
  • It is shown that even though Captain Man is indestructible, hyper-gamma light can still affect him.
  • Ray can contact Henry, Charlotte, and Jasper with a doomsday mode.
  • This is the lowest watched episode of the series with only 1.06 million viewers.
  • This is the second time Ray makes a Captain Man food product. The first was Mancakes in Man of the House.
  • Heather was released from jail on March 3rd, and Charlotte mentions that she was released six weeks ago, meaning the episode takes place on or around April 14th, the day this episode aired.


  • Heather's criminal profile says that she was born on May 30th of 1994, and this episode takes place around April 14th, meaning she would be 23 years old. However, her profile lists her age as 24.


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