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This is for you, Charlotte.
— Henry to himself about Charlotte in The Time Jerker
Henry and Charlotte
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Henry Hart (Kid Danger)


Best friends/Co-workers

Ship Rivals




Chenry is the friendship/romantic pairing between Henry Hart and Charlotte Bolton. They are also co-workers.

Charlotte often helps Henry, like finding his job at Junk N' Stuff and earned the pinecones from him. In The Secret Gets Out, Henry confides in Charlotte after her suspicion about his identity as Kid Danger. They have a somewhat affectionate friendship and can be seen hugging in numerous episodes. Charlotte seems to be supportive of Henry. She encourages him to talk to Bianca in Super Volcano. Charlotte covers for Henry when he has Kid Danger responsibilities to take care of. They like and dislike many of the same things. Even though Henry rarely gets hurt, Charlotte always worries about him and can typically be seen warning him to be careful. In The Bucket Trap, Henry and Charlotte pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend to test Jasper into keeping a secret. At the end of the episode, Henry and Charlotte told Jasper that they broke up, so as far as Jasper knows, they are exes. In "Jasper's Real Girlfriend", Henry saved Charlotte from Jasper's psycho girlfriend by pushing her out the window. In "The Time Jerker", Henry goes through a horrible day just so Charlotte can finally get into L.I.M.P (Language, Information, and Mathematics Program)

Possible names

-Chenry (Ch/arlotte and H/enry)

-Harlotte (H/enry and Ch/arlotte)

-Chenlotte (Hen/ry and C/har/lotte)

-Chanry (He/nry and Cha/rlotte)


Season 1 Moments

The Danger Begins

  • When Jasper asks if he can go over the list for his birthday party, Henry answers sure, then Charlotte says no, and he changes his answer to no as well.
  • She agrees with Henry that money is good.
  • When Henry's mom, Siren, wants to ask Henry about his underwear, Charlotte speaks up and says she wants to hear the question, teasingly.
  • Charlotte finds Henry the job at Junk-N-Stuff.
  • After finding Henry the job, he awards her with the pine cones, which she seems pleased with.
  • As he goes out the door, Charlotte wishes him good luck.
  • She could be worried about whether he got the job or not.
  • Henry and Charlotte appear to be studying together before Jasper comes in.
  • Henry and Charlotte come to the party together and get Jasper the barrel/bucket he wanted for his birthday.

Mo' Danger Mo' Problems

  • Charlotte takes the coffee away from Henry and tells him he can’t drink so much coffee at his age.
  • Charlotte covers for him, saying that Henry is at home, sick when Ms. Shapen asks where he is.
  • After Henry gets his test score, Charlotte congratulates him, then asks Henry where he was the day before, expressing concern.

The Secret Gets Out

  • Charlotte and Henry were alone together playing video games.
  • Henry said "I like your shirt." to Charlotte
  • Charlotte sniffed Henry's hair.
  • Henry tells Charlotte that he was Kid Danger.
  • Charlotte helped Henry get his job back.
  • Charlotte encouraged Henry to get the Phone Shark by calling him "Kid Danger".
  • Henry pointed at Charlotte and smiled after he tackled the Phone Shark.
  • Henry told Charlotte to hug him and to trust him to show her how the tube works.

Substitute Teacher

  • Henry asks Charlotte if he could borrow her chemistry notes, Charlotte answers an irritated "WHY?" because of her defective locker. Henry, believing that his request was the reason of making her mad, doesn't want to bother her with that anymore.
  • Henry smiled at Charlotte when she was mad about her locker not opening
  • Henry risked being seen with his Kid Danger equipment to help Charlotte out by opening her locker.
  • Henry and Charlotte were sitting together talking when a Jasper came into class
  • Before they do or say anything to anyone or anything else they greet each other.
  • Henry and Charlotte were talking and seemingly joking around when Jasper introduced them to Ortho.
  • Henry was biting his lower-lip while looking at Charlotte.
  • It is discovered that they both hate dill pickles, meaning that they both hate the same thing and have similar interests.

Jasper Danger

  • Henry told Charlotte to check his costume.
  • Henry and Charlotte spent the whole night together trick or treating with Piper, and going to the Man-Cave after being called by Ray.
  • While they were walking outside, trick or treating, they were talking to each other.
  • When they reach the bottom of the Elevator to the ManCave Henry asks Charlotte if she's ok with a concerned tone

The Space Rock

  • Henry and Charlotte smiled at each other and ate corn dogs.
  • Henry watched Charlotte as she ran away and went up the tube. Henry makes the statement "So... She's gone".
  • Henry smiled at Charlotte and said "Yeah, women do be crazy."
  • Henry asked Charlotte to go down to the basement with him. Instead she said "I have a better idea," then she left. Henry makes exactly the same statement: "So.. she's gone".

Birthday Girl Down

  • Henry was teasing Charlotte about getting another question right.
  • When Henry (along with Flashback and Jasper) were laughing at Charlotte's comeback, she rolled her eyes and smiled at Henry.
  • It seemed hard for Charlotte to tell Henry about Debbie's birthday party; she knew he would get mad.
  • When Henry answered the door for the sushi, Charlotte told Henry not to get mad.
  • Henry and Charlotte were sitting together eating sushi.

Henry the Man-Beast

  • Charlotte teased Henry about him having a date to Ray and Schwoz.
  • Charlotte was concerned when Henry was blasted by the machine and the effects he would soon get.
  • In the restaurant, Charlotte did not want to break Henry's date because it was important to him.
  • Charlotte was mainly concerned about the state of Henry as a man-beast.

Invisible Brad

  • Henry was talking to Charlotte about how Ray was acting.
  • Henry and Charlotte were sitting together while eating lunch with Ray and Brad.
  • Charlotte told Henry to leave the meat on his bruised eye.
  • When Ray and Henry were talking about how boys don't like getting pinched in the butt, Charlotte chimed in and said girls don't like that either.
  • Charlotte stopped Henry from saying anything else about Invisible Brad.

Spoiler Alert

  • Henry and Charlotte were disgusted with how Jasper wanted some hair soup.
  • Charlotte was laughing at Henry and his costume of a Red Skynaut.
  • Henry told Piper that Charlotte had a ticket and that she can go with her. This meant that because Henry is going undercover with Ray to catch the Spoiler, he won't be needing her ticket, so originally, Henry and Charlotte were planning on going together.

Let's Make a Steal

  • Charlotte was fixing Henry's hair and clothes.
  • Charlotte said that Henry didn't look good when he got here.
  • Charlotte (and Ray) were cheering Henry on behind the set of the game show.
  • When Henry grabbed the gift, Charlotte stepped out of his way.
  • While Henry and Charlotte were talking, they were getting annoyed with Ray playing the guitar.
  • Henry and Charlotte made hot yogurt together and announced that they had it at the same time.

Super Volcano

  • Henry and Charlotte are together in the hallway.
  • Henry stared at Charlotte when Oliver kept begging her to have a fruit bar.
  • Henry was smiling when Charlotte pretended to talk in a fruit bar.
  • Charlotte was telling Henry to go talk to Bianca while she was alone.
  • When Charlotte was mocking the way Henry didn't talk to Bianca, Henry is staring at her.
  • Henry ate 5 of Charlotte's chili cheese burgers.
  • Henry and Charlotte argued slightly with each other about whether Jasper's new thing would be a bucket or not.
  • Henry literally put his life in Charlotte's hands. She had to zap Mitch before he could hurt Henry.

My Phony Valentine

  • Charlotte and Henry sat together at Club Soda.
  • Charlotte gave advice to Henry of how to get Bianca.
  • Bianca asked Charlotte if Henry came with her to Club Soda; she expected him to go with her.
  • When Henry is fighting with Tiffany, Charlotte tells him to be careful and almost said his name

Caved In

  • Charlotte playfully smacked Henry's tummy and called him chubby.
  • Henry and Charlotte both surprised Ray with a weekend of fum.
  • Henry said no then Charlotte said 'no'.
  • Both Henry and Charlotte were not surprised at the money lost in the newspaper, but by the fact that people still read them.
  • Charlotte complimented Henry by saying that his enthusiasm is infectious.
  • Charlotte looked impressed with Henry saying the instructions of the ride in Spanish.

Elevator Kiss

  • Charlotte looks surprised when Bianca doesn't want to kiss Kid Danger.
  • Charlotte convinced Henry that Bianca cheated on him.
  • When Henry finally realized that Charlotte was right about Bianca cheating on him, Charlotte reluctantly answered, "Yep, and continued talking to Ray (Probably showing how Charlotte had little or no concern with Bianca cheating on Henry).

Man of the House

  • Henry and Charlotte were laughing at Jasper getting the egg exploded on his face.
  • Charlotte and Henry were shocked at Henry's mom getting robbed.
  • Henry expressed how mad he was to Charlotte about Ray living with him.
  • Charlotte gave Henry a plan to catch the criminal.

Dream Busters

  • Charlotte looked concerned with why Henry was asleep.
  • Charlotte was really sad that Henry was still asleep to the point that she tried to feed him her onion dip.
  • Charlotte didn't want to hurt Henry, even if this isn't the real Henry.
  • When Charlotte got into the dream, Henry wrapped her in a hug and said he is happy to see her, and having her seeming normal.
  • Charlotte hugged him back.
  • Henry held Charlotte by the shoulders and shoke her vigorously.
  • Charlotte grabbed Henry's shirt.
  • Henry quickly responded when Charlotte screamed for him to come downstairs, as if she were really in distress and Henry wanted to save her.
  • Charlotte held Henry by the shoulders and started to help him off the floor.
  • Henry quickly responded to Charlotte when she screamed for him to come down stairs again.
  • When Henry passed out, Charlotte was worried.
  • When Henry woke up, he was worried and upset when Schwoz said that he couldn't bring Charlotte back.

Kid Grounded

  • Henry was happy to see Charlotte when she came through the window.
  • Charlotte bought him a 'surprise' since he was grounded. (Fudge Blast from Yotally Togurt)
  • Henry didn't want Charlotte to leave and felt sad when she left.
  • Henry apologized and told Charlotte that she is able to do his job.
  • Charlotte accepts Henry's apology by hugging him while she was covered in pig slop.
  • When Charlotte hugs him, she says, "That's my baby, that's nice."
  • Henry yelled at Schwoz when he interrupted his moment with Charlotte

Captain Jerk

  • Charlotte and Henry both came into the Man Cave when they heard the news.
  • Henry said that Charlotte's idea was 'gooooood'.
  • Charlotte was sad when Henry didn't listen to her story.
  • Henry apologized.
  • Charlotte made Henry feel better about Piper and Jasper finding out that he is Kid Danger.

The Bucket Trap

  • Charlotte agreed with Henry's idea of telling Jasper that he's Kid Danger.
  • They were both sitting close to each other on the couch in the Man Cave.
  • Henry and Charlotte were both disgusted and offended that they didn't want to date each other. Ray seemed amused.
  • They said "Hey" after they both said "ew"
  • Henry and Charlotte were both smiling when they told Jasper the secret.
  • Henry was smiling at Charlotte when she told Jasper the secret was true.
  • Henry smiled when Charlotte said, "We're deep in love."
  • Henry and Charlotte both said that they kiss each other a lot.
  • Henry called Charlotte 'baby' when she wanted to go to the mouth doctor.
  • When Ray got into the Man Cave, Henry was smiling and stared at Charlotte.
  • Henry and Charlotte did a little dance when they were teasing Ray.
  • They both looked at each other in a skeptical way when Jasper said he wasn't going to stop think about them kissing.
  • Charlotte said, "We're deep in love." And Henry said, "We kiss a lot."
  • Both seemed offended by the fact that the other claimed they wouldn't want to date them.
  • Henry leaned on Charlotte slightly when Ray did a spit take.

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1

  • Henry and Charlotte were studying for Henry's biology test.
  • Charlotte and Henry both said no to join Jasper's posse.
  • Henry and Charlotte walked into Junk N' Stuff laughing.
  • Charlotte looked annoyed and rolled her eyes when Henry was talking about how pretty Veronika is.
  • Charlotte screamed 'Oh my god!' with Ray when Henry said Veronika kissed him.

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 2

  • Charlotte screamed for Schwoz to find Henry.
  • Charlotte came into Henry's house and immediately asked where Henry was.
  • Charlotte somehow understood Henry's message immediately.

Jasper's Real Girlfriend

  • Charlotte and Henry walked up to Jasper together.
  • They both didn't believe Jasper having a girlfriend.
  • Charlotte and Henry were both really skeptical about Courtney.
  • Henry was trying to defend Charlotte by saying she isn't in love with Jasper.
  • Henry smiled at Charlotte so she wouldn't figure out about Courtney.
  • Henry was worried about Charlotte, but Ray said forget about her.
  • Charlotte begged Henry to help her.
  • Henry said he would help her.
  • Henry asked if her gummy bears were still next to her closet, implying that Henry has been in her bedroom before.
  • Charlotte called for Henry's help.

Season 2 Moments

The Beat Goes On

  • Henry saved Charlotte from the wireless video camera on the cake by telling her to move, and by blowing it up.
  • Henry was concerned about why Charlotte was acting so weird.
  • Henry put his hands on her shoulders trying to calm her down.
  • When Charlotte attacked him he twisted her around and they ended up doing this weird tango.
  • Henry was convinced that Charlotte was in a bad mood and that nothing was wrong with her.
  • Henry spun Charlotte around and took off her glasses. He was shocked to see her red eyes and tried to calm her down.
  • He briefly asked her if she wanted to get some ice cream.
  • Charlotte grabbed Henry by the collar and got closer to him, in order to headbutt him.
  • Henry asks Charlotte if she is alright, and was concerned about her.
  • Henry and Ray catch Charlotte after she faints.
  • He and Ray help her walk over to the couch.
  • When Ray lets go of Charlotte, Henry quickly catches her by the waist and helps her sit down.
  • He seemed a bit annoyed when she told him the wrong information.
  • Henry (and Ray) angrily made Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort hit themselves in the head with a frying pan 95 times, for revenge to what they did to Charlotte.

One Henry, Three Girls Part 1 (A Very Special Bathroom)

  • Henry complains/confides in Charlotte about his girl problems.
  • Charlotte listens and gives him advice.
  • He pulls Charlotte to sit down on the couch.
  • He pulls her farther away from Piper so she can't hear.
  • At the ceremony, Charlotte is talking to a group of friends but Henry pulls her away again so he can complain about Bianca.
  • When Ray said that Charlotte called Blake "super handsome", Henry looked annoyed/upset or possibly jealous.
    • She slid down in her chair in embarrassment.
  • Once again, Henry tells her about his girl problems and she provides a solution.
  • In the Man Cave, she grabs Henry's wrist and slaps Henry twice with his own hand.
  • She helps set up the dinner for Henry and Bianca.

One Henry, Three Girls Part 2 (The Meat Ball)

  • Charlotte repeatedly told Henry that his plan to go as both himself and Kid Danger wouldn't work, despite how much he and Ray ignored her.
  • Kid Danger/Henry kept coming up to Charlotte to ask for advice on his problems.
  • When Henry/Kid Danger asked her "And then what?" She seemed irritated about how many times he had asked her for advice.
  • Charlotte told/motioned to him to get closer to tell him never to ask her again, "And then what?"
  • He zapped everyone at the table and kicked the girl out of the chair just so he could talk to Charlotte.
  • She looked kind of annoyed everytime Henry/Kid Danger would interrupt conversations with other friends.

Henry and the Woodpeckers

  • Henry was worried about where Charlotte was.
  • Charlotte looked embarrassed when Henry called her sweater 'disgusting'.

Captain Man: On Vacation

  • Every time they used the elevator, Henry and Charlotte were seen laughing and smiling at each other.
  • They shared the same emotions when the elevator door opened whether it was surprised or disappointed at Schwoz.
  • Charlotte immediately called for Henry after Bork lifted her up and swung her back and forth.
  • Henry told Bork that Charlotte wasn't a toy.
  • Charlotte seemed annoyed every time Henry would repeat whatever was on the voicemail.
  • He promised to bring back sushi for her.

The Time Jerker

  • Charlotte was super excited telling Henry she was applying to L.I.M.P.
  • Charlotte asked Henry to take notes for her since she'll be in an interview.
  • When she got accepted the first time, Henry told her he was proud of her and they hugged.
  • Henry tells Charlotte good luck on her interview because he thinks she gets in.
    Screenshot 2015-11-08-18-51-20 1
  • When Oliver threw the avocado, Henry pushed Charlotte back so she wouldn't get hurt.
  • When Henry realized that Charlotte did not get in, he felt really bad for her (He was also sure that she would get in).
  • When Henry wakes up the third time knowing he must relive the same bad day over, he says, "This is for you, Charlotte."
  • Henry goes a whole day of getting stung by hornets, scared by Piper, hit with an avocado, and shot in the eye, so Charlotte could get into L.I.M.P (Language, Information, and Mathematics Program).
  • When Charlotte tells Henry she got in (the second time he went back in time), he says he is proud of her and hugs her.
  • When Charlotte tells Henry that the Language, Information, and Mathematics Program do call themselves L.I.M.P, they hug again.

Henry's Jelly

  • Henry and Charlotte are watching the police pursuit at school.
  • Charlotte pulls Henry close and tells him to change into Kid Danger.
  • Charlotte tells Henry that he's jealous of Jasper.
  • While Charlotte pulls Henry close, he touched her hand.
  • They stood close together when watching the Police Pursuit.

Christmas Danger

  • Henry and Charlotte are decorating the Christmas tree.
  • Charlotte tells Henry not to hang 2 gold balls together.
  • Henry and Charlotte leave to see if Jasper is alright, just to get out of playing the handbells.
  • Henry and Charlotte cheer on for Jasper when he commits Swellview's dumb laws.
  • Charlotte tries to stop Henry from breaking laws.
  • Henry and Charlotte are arrested and thrown in jail, along with Captain Man, Jasper, and a bald cellmate.
  • Charlotte joins in when Henry and Ray are singing Jingle Bells.
  • Henry glanced at Charlotte a lot when she wasn't really paying attention.

Indestructible Henry, Part 1

  • Charlotte asked Schwoz how Henry would be after examining him for 20 minutes.
  • Charlotte helps relocate his buttock.
  • When Henry thanks the gang for relocating his buttock, Charlotte smiles at him.
  • Charlotte wishes that Henry was indestructible.
  • Henry and Charlotte cringe at the video of the victims and their side-effects.
  • When Henry is going to the Man Cave, he calls Charlotte to come with him.
  • When Charlotte says no, he calls her again in frustration.
  • Charlotte is afraid that Henry will turn out to be some mutant-freak and refuses to go with him, which shows that she cares about him.
  • Henry pulls the wagon Charlotte is sitting on so she would come with him.
  • Charlotte refuses to sit next to Henry in science class if he has two arms growing out of his ears trying to poke him.
  • When Henry calls her to come with him again, she refuses to the second time.
  • Henry reassures Charlotte that he might be the greatest sidekick ever if the Densitizer works on him.
  • Henry pulls the chair Charlotte is sitting on to the Room of Storage.
  • Charlotte still tries to change his mind, implying that she's scared for him.
  • When Henry is in the Densitizer, Charlotte nudges Schwoz to turn it off.
  • Charlotte askes Henry is he is alright.
  • Charlotte checks his head for any bumps, then lifts his shirt for any side-effects.
  • Charlotte is really happy that Henry is indestructible and they both hug.
  • Charlotte breaks an object over his head just for fun.

Indestructible Henry, Part 2

  • After Henry exhales fire when laughing from a joke on the radio, the first person he chooses to contact is Charlotte.
  • Henry anxiously and repeatedly mutters “Charlotte” as he reaches for his phone to Facetime Charlotte in the morning.
  • Charlotte answers Henry Facetime request while she is brushing her teeth.
  • Charlotte shows concern of the side effect Henry has.
  • Henry is unable to explain his side effect in time before being interrupted by Piper, so he tells Charlotte to “come over” in an urgent tone.
  • When Charlotte arrives and Henry is told that she is there his rushes down stairs (and end up knocking his father Jake so hard that Jake stumbles and drops and container full of marbles). Note that Jasper is talking with Piper and Siren and not until Charlotte shows up that he comes downstairs. It is unknown whether or not Henry greeted Jasper earlier when he arrived.
  • Henry nudges Charlotte out the front door with his hand without saying anything, and Charlotte goes with it.
  • Henry asks Charlotte to tickle his foot. Charlotte initial seems repulsed by Henry’s request to tickle his foot but she does in anyway, though remorsefully.
  • When Henry laughs and breathes fire, after Charlotte tickles his foot, Charlotte begins to scream. He quickly closes his mouth and looks down at Charlotte troubled by her reaction.
  • Henry and Charlotte bicker briefly about Charlotte being right about Henry getting some type of side effect from the Densitizer.
  • Henry nudges Charlotte to hide in the bush.
  • Henry and Charlotte travel together to Junk-N-Stuff.
  • Henry and Charlotte stand very close to each other and share very similar emotions and expressions when talking to Ray.
  • After Henry gets hit by a cannon at “point blank range” he is temporarily unconscious. But when he became conscious again, before looking at Ray who is at his feet, he looks at Charlotte and says, “Wow.”
  • Charlotte and Henry say 'surprise' simultaneously.
  • Charlotte vocally agrees with Henry when he explains to Schwoz and Ray that girls will regret going out with him when they see him shooting fire out of his mouth.
  • Charlotte assists Schwoz in re-rigging the Densitizer in a way for Henry to “stay indestructible but not laugh with fire”. The first time they machine it blows out, but Charlotte makes a suggestion that leads to the machine working.
  • Charlotte is the first to ask is Henry is alright after using the adjusted Densitizer.
  • Charlotte suggests an idea for Ray to make Henry laugh (which demonstrations that she knows what makes Henry laugh).
  • Henry high five’s Charlotte (Schwoz and Ray) in celebration that the machine worked.
  • Charlotte (and Ray) are stunned when Schwoz hits Henry with a vase that knocks Henry, what seems to be, unconscious. However, no one gets worried.

Text, Lies & Video

  • Henry and Charlotte work at Junk-N-Stuff together and close the shop together.
  • Henry wants Charlotte to shoot himself transforming into Kid Danger, but she was afraid the video would get out.
  • Charlotte and Henry both said 'Let's go ask him' and 'Jinx! You owe me a coconut!' at the same time.
  • Charlotte and Henry start bickering with each other on their way to the elevator.
  • In the elevator Charlotte and Henry bump into each other while they are trying to reach for Henry’s phone that fell out of his hand.
  • Henry and Charlotte start bickering again when they get off the elevator; Ray appears amused by them.
  • Charlotte has reservations about shooting a video of Henry transforming into Kid Danger because of the video possibly getting out.
  • Henry asked Charlotte why she always has to say no.
  • Charlotte constantly asks Henry what's going on with Piper.
  • Charlotte and Henry bumped into each other while they were eating popcorn.
  • Charlotte and Henry bump into each other after helping get Piper off Jasper.
  • When Henry was on the porch, he needed to talk to Charlotte.
  • He told Ray to move when he was talking to Charlotte.
  • Henry asks Charlotte what he should do (to delete the video from Piper’s phone and the Cloud).
  • Henry’s neighbor asks if she saw Charlotte floating over his watch. (It’s noteworthy for an adult neighbor to know a teen neighbor’s friend by name.)
  • Henry asks Charlotte to delete the video from the Cloud.
  • Charlotte leans on Henry while they watch the video she recorded on his phone. Henry smiles and looks at Charlotte briefly.
  • Henry (and Ray) was mad at Charlotte that she ended up recording herself and not him and Ray transforming to Kid Danger and Captain Man.

Opposite Universe

  • Henry and Charlotte wanted to go to the concert that Piper had tickets for.
  • They were both transported to another universe.
  • Charlotte pulled aside Henry and asked him what was going on.
  • Henry bent down to tell her what was happening.
  • They were both disgusted by the Nostrilator.
  • While Charlotte was wondering what was going on, Henry pulled Charlotte over the counter. Then later, he apologized.
  • Henry told Charlotte to make something up about the brownie recipe.
  • When Henry asked her if he spelled 'brownies' right, he pulled her aside and told her that they are in an Opposite Universe.
  • Charlotte pulled Henry aside and asked what an Opposite Universe is.
  • When they got to the Man Cave, Henry told Charlotte to stay cool and act like you belong.
  • Henry pushed Charlotte a little and forced her to say her brownie recipe, in order to distract Ray and Schwoz from killing Piper. 
  • Charlotte was hesitating to press the button that would kill Piper because she did not know which finger to use, and Henry backed her up on her plan.
  • When Charlotte was getting angry at Schwoz, he tried to stop her from getting into a fight.
  • When they both got back to their universe, they looked at each other in relief.

Grave Danger

  • Henry and Charlotte were both laughing as they were walking out of the elevator.
  • They were both concerned about why Ray was behaving so strangely.
  • When they wanted to talk to him, they both sat down next to each other.
  • Henry wanted Charlotte to help him get the underwear off the walls, but she left him to do it himself.
  • Henry told Charlotte to talk to Jasper.
  • When she throws the Walkie-talkie back to Henry, he constantly tells her that he does not want it back.
  • Charlotte was worried when Henry (and Ray) weren't back from the graveyard.
  • Henry texted Charlotte that they were on their way, making Charlotte seemed less nervous.

Ox Pox

  • Henry askes why Charlotte has to say no all the time.
  • When Charlotte tries to get up after being hit by a Frisbee, she looks angrily at Henry for not caring if she was alright.
  • When Henry can hear Ray clearly from Alaska, he looks back and smiles at Charlotte.
  • Charlotte was constantly teasing Henry about playing hide and seek with Jasper.
  • When Charlotte askes if his hide and seek buddy (Jasper) was calling and Henry says yes, Charlotte is grining and smiling at him.
  • When Henry almost falls into the portal, Charlotte (and Schwoz) run to Henry and grab his leg.
  • Charlotte yells at Henry to be careful when he almost falls in the portal.
  • Charlotte askes Henry not to kill the bird, but when she is not looking, Henry grabs the gun and runs to the other room.

Twin Henrys

  • Henry took the gun Charlotte had and shot the popcorn.
  • Henry and Charlotte (and Ray) were confused when they saw 2 Schwozes.
  • When Charlotte began to aim the gun at the 2 Schwozes, Henry backed away from her.
  • Charlotte was annoyed at Henry when he kept saying 'Love It!' at Ray, even though there were her ideas.
  • When Charlotte asks about the royal blue glasses, Henry high-fives her, before leaving the Man Cave.

I Know Your Secret

  • Henry tells Jasper how he bets she would love a belt.
  • Then, Charlotte tells him he would lose that bet.
  • As Jasper is measuring Charlotte's waist, Henry is smiling and laughing in the backround.
  • When Charlotte glares at him, he giggles, "Tee-hee" at her.
  • Charlotte says how he thinks he's so cute.
  • When Charlotte calls Henry cute, he smiles and sticks his tongue out at her.
  • Charlotte begins teasing Henry about a girl named Amy in science class.
  • Henry shows Charlotte the note he got form his locker.
  • When Henry tells Charlotte how he only has one secret, he moves in closer to tell her.
  • Charlotte and Henry both walk away when Ms. Shapen asks for help removing a dart from her shoulder.
  • Henry and Charlotte were laughing as they walked into Henry's house (it appeared to be late at night, so they were probably coming from work).
  • They both questioned the fact that many adults had a tan in Henry's house.
  • Charlotte tells Henry to be on the lookout for anyone who might know his secret.
  • When Charlotte asks for a sip of Henry's drink, he smiles at her and says no.
  • Charlotte appears to look mad at his response (assuming that when she does ask, he often says yes instead of no).
  • When Jasper says why he did not tell his best friend, Henry says 'Charlotte knows'. This shows that Henry prefers Charlotte as his best friend and Jasper as his oldest friend.
  • Charlotte runs to Henry's room to tell him that Jasper wrote the note.
  • When Henry shoots Jasper again after he is slowly waking up, Charlotte gives him a thumbs-up.
  • While Henry, Ray, and Charlotte are arguing with each other, it seems that Henry and Charlotte are on the same side of the argument.
  • When Henry tells Ray and Charlotte to go to the closet, he pats her back as she enters inside.
  • Charlotte contests to Henry saying he will not be Kid Danger anymore if Ray erases Jasper's mind.

Season 3 Moments

A Fiñata Full Of Death Bugs

  • Henry notices that Charlotte is gone and askes where she is.
  • When he sees Charlotte stuck, Henry runs to the Auto snacked and tries to pull her out.
  • Henry askes if Charlotte can breathe okay.
  • Henry comes downstairs to give Ray a hand in pulling Charlotte out.
  • Henry thinks of a way to get Charlotte and is happy when she is free.
  • Henry askes Charlotte if she's okay, and Charlotte angrily answers back no.

Love Muffin

  • Henry and Charlotte are both waiting in the ManCave alone at the beginning.
  • When Gwen shows up and Henry goes to talk to Ray, Charlotte slightly pushes Henry to go talk to Ray.
  • When Charlotte finds out from Jasper that Henry is alone with Gwen, she gets very worried and runs to the elevator.
  • When Charlotte gets upstairs and sees Henry has eaten the muffin, she freaks out, grabs his neck to suck the muffin out, and puts her fingers in his mouth to pull it out.
  • When Gwen grabs Henry, Charlotte grabs Henry's other arm and says "You, back off!"
  • When Henry is massaging Jasper, Henry is staring at Charlotte the whole time. Also, Charlotte looks annoyed that Henry was massaging Jasper.
  • After Piper hurts Jasper, Henry starts to fall over and Charlotte gets worried and yells, "Henry! Are you ok?"
  • She helps him up and he balances himself on her shoulder for a second when she turns him around.
  • She helps Henry up after Ray throws him and her hand stays on his arm for a little while.
  • Charlotte tells Ray to not shoot Henry with the laser gun he was holding.
  • When Ray is sitting at the monitors telling what happened before he ate the muffins, Henry has his arm around Charlotte's shoulders the whole time and he really didn't need to.

Scream Machine

  • Henry was first in the Man Cave to see Charlotte's project.
  • Henry said Charlotte's project was great and was interested in how it worked.
  • Henry and Charlotte told Schwoz to stop blowing the air horn.
    Screenshot 2016-10-02-21-25-25-2
  • Henry (and Ray) let the fire out from Charlotte's project.
  • Henry picked up Charlotte to stop her from fighting Schwoz.
  • Henry told Charlotte to calm down.
  • Charlotte motioned Henry's mouth and told him to never tell a woman to calm down.
  • Henry said "Yes, I promised" when she told him not to tell her to calm down.
  • When Henry was telling her the plan that Schwoz can rebuild the invention, he playfully said 'okay?'
  • On the edge of the screen, you can see Henry smiling and staring at Charlotte when she yelled at Schwoz. Then, she flashes him an angry look and he looks away.
  • Henry said Schwoz should take the blame for turning the invention.
  • Henry said Schwoz could not get ice cream because they had to get parts for Charlotte's invention.
  • Charlotte was excited when Henry (Ray and Schwoz) stormed into the school with the invention.
  • Henry told Ray and Schwoz that they could not get ice cream on the way to the school.
  • Henry puts his arm around Charlotte and tells her that it isn't her invention.
  • Henry said sorry when Charlotte told him not to shush her.
  • Henry told Charlotte that the disco ball she had is on the new invention.
  • Henry pushed Charlotte towards the news reporter.
  • Henry was telling Charlotte how to operate the machine by coughing.
  • Henry was cheering her name and clapping for her the whole time.
  • Henry (along with the rest of the gang) helps Charlotte with her plan to destroy the machine.
  • In the car, Henry and Charlotte are sitting really close next to each other.
  • Henry was smiling at Charlotte when they were all singing the Drake and Josh theme song.
  • Henry and Charlotte were dancing together in the car.
  • When Ray jumped out of the car, Henry and Charlotte were trying to steer the car.

Mouth Candy

  • In the beginning, Henry got a text from Charlotte and had to stop the podcast.
    Screenshot 2016-10-09-16-47-04
  • Charlotte was at Henry's house late at night.
  • They were talking about a plan to get Mitch to admit that he framed Jasper.
  • Henry said Charlotte's plan was good.
  • Charlotte said Henry was a million times smarter than Mitch.
  • Henry stared at her nicely and said, "You really think so," when Charlotte called him smart.
  • Then, when Charlotte said "Yeah," Henry felt offended that she didn't think he was smart.
  • Charlotte was able to record the message when Henry got Mitch to admit that he framed Jasper.

The Trouble with Frittles

  • Henry took Charlotte's can of Frittles chips.
  • Henry asked Charlotte which flavor she would vote for, and he was shocked when she decided not to vote.
  • Henry and Charlotte walked in to Junk N Stuff.
  • When Henry told Jasper that he couldn't give away Blue Frittles and he asked "Why?", Henry looks at Charlotte in disbelief.
  • Charlotte wanted Henry to go downstairs with her, to avoid getting into an argument with Jasper.
  • Henry and Charlotte pushed the barrel of oats together, to get Schwoz out.
  • Charlotte was lecturing Henry (and Ray) about how stupid the disagreement on Frittles chips was.
  • When Henry and Ray were thinking about what Charlotte said, only Henry actually listened to her and told the Man Fans that he does not get involved in snack politics.

Hour of Power

  • Charlotte told Ray to let Henry go with him.
  • Henry thought Charlotte was tired when she got hit with the dart.
  • Charlotte asked Henry how his butt was feeling.
  • Charlotte told Henry that he has to fight Drex.
  • Henry gave Charlotte his gumball tube.
  • Charlotte defended Henry by telling Ray that he doesn't even have a superpower, and people expect him to be a superhero.
  • Charlotte and Schwoz went to Henry's house to bring him back to the Man Cave.
  • Charlotte was struggling to bring Henry back.
  • Henry leaned closer to Charlotte when he told her that he calls Jasper, Jasp.
  • Charlotte was happy and clapping for Henry when he got his power.
  • Charlotte was smiling when she gave Henry back his gumball tube.

Dodging Danger

  • When Henry asked, "Does it involve bouncing?", he looked back at Charlotte.
    Bandicam 2016-12-04 14-57-42-611
  • Henry took some of Charlotte's grapes from her bowl.
  • When Jasper called Henry 'handsome', Charlotte said, "Stop, I can't take this anymore!"
  • Henry got annoyed when Charlotte did not agree with him playing at the Dodge-A-Leen tournament and indirectly called her a 'fun-squasher'.
  • Henry and Charlotte were disgusted when Schwoz ate the bloody-nose hot dogs.
  • Henry and Charlotte standing very closer together in the House of Tramps (the location where they held the tournament).
  • Henry and Charlotte were both glaring at Mitch.
  • When Charlotte was sarcastic to Henry, he said that he would not let Charlotte lick his ice cream cone, implying that they shared the same ice cream cone.
  • Charlotte got annoyed and took Henry's ice cream.
  • Charlotte asked herself where Henry was when she got out the bathroom.
    Bandicam 2016-12-04 14-58-23-939
  • Charlotte was mad to see Henry on TV.
  • Henry said he would not join the tournament because Charlotte would give her 'the look'.
  • When Charlotte walked into the gym and gave Henry 'the look', Henry immediately stopped celebrating and told Jasper, "There's the look." Then, he bit his lower lip.
  • When Jasper, Henry, and Charlotte walked out of the elevator, Henry looked back at Charlotte.
  • Charlotte was grinning at Henry and Jasper when they were trying to explain why they were laughing.
  • Charlotte walked over to Henry's side of the couch and sat where he was sitting.


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Related plots


  • In Charlotte's room in Jasper's Real Girlfriend, if you look closely you can see a pic of Henry and Charlotte from Jasper Danger next to a picture of hearts.
  • Because they do care about each other and that they have similar tastes, many fans believe that they could be love interests to each other.
  • Jasper believes that they are exes.
  • They both hate pickles, but love dill fingers.
  • Henry called Charlotte 'baby' twice (Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems, The Bucket Trap) and Charlotte calls Henry 'baby' once (Kid Grounded).
  • Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 2 is the only episode where they don't interact directly.
  • Both the original season finale (Dream Busters), and the actual season finale (Jasper's Real Girlfriend) are related plots with Henry and Charlotte. In Dream Busters, Charlotte saves Henry, and in Jasper's Real Girlfriend, Henry saves Charlotte.
  • Jasper wants to see them kiss, and he thinks about them kissing. It probably means that he would be supportive if the two get together.
  • In Season 2, Charlotte looks like she's annoyed/irritated everytime Henry asks for help when she's with other friends. Despite that, she always helps him. It could possibly be that she doesn't really care much for his girl issues anymore. In Season 1, she cared more and was even excited to advise him.
  • Jace Norman is about a year and a half older then Riele Downs, despite them playing the same age.
  • Both have gained powers and lost them within one or two episodes. Charlotte's being super strength and Henry's being indestructibility.
  • Charlotte didn't know that Henry killed her pet fish, Nemo until The Bucket Trap.
  • Henry is strong enough to pull Charlotte over a counter, as shown in Opposite Universe.
  • In different episodes, they tend to argue and bicker, which Ray finds amusing.
  • In I Know Your Secret and Dodging Danger, Henry and Charlotte are known to eat or drink after eachother, making them very close friends (Charlotte wanting a sip from Henry's drink and Henry telling Charlotte she couldn't lick his ice cream cone).

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