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Beta Maximus
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Beta Maximus is a chain of video stores in Swellview that have since shut down. They appear to have sold video tapes, as not one DVD could be seen. Beta Maximus may have started operation in the 1980s (like Blockbuster).

One of their locations became infamous in that Jeff was hiding in one (and possibly living there if he was evicted from his apartment) and he trapped Captain Man and Kid Danger in the rotting floor.



  • Beta Maximus is a parody of the now defunct but once popular video store Blockbuster. Both use blue and yellow colors, with yellow font.
  • The name Beta Maximus is a play on Betamax, a form of video tape that saw limited release in most video stores of their heyday.
  • Good Burger, Drake & Josh, Gandhi, and Flashdance were among the movies seen or mentioned in the store.

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