Ballerino Brothers
Full Name

Vance (right)



Resides in



Criminal Acrobatic Duo

Eye Color

Brown (left)
Blue (right)

Hair Color

Black (left)
Bald (right)

First Appearance

License to Fly

Portrayed By

Tim Storms (right)

The Ballerino Brothers are two acrobatic villains that Captain Man and Kid Danger fight in License to Fly.

The one wearing the purple tunic is portrayed by Tim Storms.


They first appear in License to Fly, and attempt to fight Captain Man and Kid Danger while they are arguing about whether or not Henry can learn to fly the Man-Copter. They manage to land a few shots due to the heroes being distracted by their argument, but Kid Danger ultimately defeats them. Captain Man even attempts to help them by handing one of them a crow bar to fight with.


  • They are not actually brothers, despite their name.
  • They went to Juilliard, presumably for dance.
  • The one who wears an orange tunic is allergic to peanuts.

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