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"Booger" Steven is an unpopular kid who goes to school with Piper, known for his constantly runny nose.


In Danger & Thunder, "Booger" Steven was invited to Piper's friend Emma's party by mistake, due to Jasper mistaking him for a different, more popular, Steven. Since Piper had text-neck, she could not text him herself and so she had Jasper do it, but Jasper texted the wrong Steven, causing many of Piper's friends to get mad at her and shun her, thinking that she was the one who invited him.


  • Little is known about "Booger" Steven as he doesn't make an appearance in the show and is only a mentioned character.
  • He has band practice after school.
  • He's despised by his peers because of his constantly running nose, which is why Emma didn't want him to come to her party.

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